Elemental Rebrand Reflects Future of Growing Nanomaterials Company

21 February 2024

Elemental Advanced Materials recently updated its company name and website to reflect the future direction of the firm. The Houston-based company produces high-purity graphene and hydrogen from mixed and contaminated plastics, hydrocarbon gases, and other organics.

Graphene has become one of the most sought-after materials by commercial manufacturers due to its superior strength and performance attributes. Elemental developed a novel, single-step process that produces high-purity graphene.

"The key to unlocking graphene’s true potential is to produce it at scale," said David Hudson, CEO of Elemental. "We are excited to rebrand as an advanced materials company as opposed to a recycling company. The rebranding better reflects the capabilities of our technology and the transformative properties of graphene."

“Our certified CO2e neutral process replaces toxic, resource intensive processes that are harmful to the environment,” added Ian Bishop, founder, president & CFO of Elemental. “We are proud to offer our customers not only a high-quality product but also a transparent supply chain that produces no waste.”


Source: businesswire.com