Elix Polymers to install new ABS blends compounding line

Wednesday, Feb 24, 2016

Elix Polymers SL is to invest in a new compounding line to turn out ABS and ABS blends at its plant at La Canonja, Spain.

This line, which is due to be in operation by June 2016, will include a twin-screw ZSK 92 Mc18 compounder supplied by Coperion and an underwater pelletizing system from Gala Kunstsoff.

The move is part of the Spanish compounder’s strategy to become a leading maker of high quality pre-colored ABS resins and derivatives as well as “tailor-made specialties” used in automotive, health care, appliances, electronics and consumer applications, it explained.

Elix said its new line should give the firm greater flexibility to deliver a wider range of custom made solutions and will increase its capacity beyond the current compounding line.

This is the latest of several investments made by Elix at its facilities over the past two years in a program aimed at meeting customer needs and preparing for expected market growth.

In parallel, the company has boosted its operations “by redefining procedures and processes in line with lean management principles.” This has resulted in a more flexible plant and improved scrap rate levels as well as reduced water and energy consumption, Elix said.

“This program is part of Elix’s strategic plan for our new company positioning and transformation,” explained its operations director David Castañeda.  It has resulted in “a highly efficient, reliable and profitable company,” he added.

Last year, the company enhanced the firm’s eco friendly credentials with its introduction of a new generation of natural-fiber-reinforced ABS. The Elix Eco ABS-NF plastic, for injection molding and specific extrusion processes, offers applications including those in the automotive and furniture sectors.

The new ABS has properties of high stiffness, heat resistance, low emissions and low molding shrinkage, according to Elix.


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