Flowserve and Heide Refinery Announce Partnership to Drive Energy, Cost and Carbon Savings Through Flowserve’s Energy Advantage Program

11 June 2024

Flowserve Corporation a leading provider of flow control products and services for the global infrastructure markets, and Heide Refinery, Germany’s northernmost crude oil refinery and chemicals company, announced today they will partner to incorporate Flowserve’s Energy Advantage Program to accelerate Heide Refinery’s momentum in energy efficiency.

Flowserve’s Energy Advantage Program leverages a data-driven engineering evaluation process that promotes energy efficiency through optimization of pump and valve power consumption – with little to no disruption to a customer’s existing processes. This holistic flow control approach helps customers like Heide reach their carbon reduction goals and lower total cost of ownership.

Aligned with its efforts to reduce carbon emissions, Heide Refinery is innovating to provide reliable energy while limiting its environmental impact and embeds energy efficiency into its value chain. Capitalizing on this strategic opportunity, Heide Refinery is working closely with Flowserve to capture additional energy savings.

Flowserve’s initial assessment analyzed Heide Refinery’s highest energy-consuming flow loops, identifying significant potential savings. Flowserve engineers introduced flow control solutions and recommendations that matched Heide Refinery’s existing process requirements –with improved energy efficiency and performance. By following Flowserve’s Energy Advantage Program recommendations, Heide Refinery is expected to reduce its power consumption annually by more than an estimated 2,000 Megawatt Hours (MWh).

“We are thrilled with the initial results,” said Roland Kühl, Heide Refinery’s Managing Director. “With Flowserve’s engineering expertise, we can achieve meaningful savings while also lowering our carbon emissions by over 1,300 metric tons each year. We look forward to continuing this partnership to help us identify more energy savings potential in the future.”

“Our Energy Advantage Program is revolutionizing the way our customers approach their strategies to decarbonize their operations,” added Scott Rowe, Flowserve’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “With an emphasis on improving operations, customers also can enjoy long-term savings while decreasing their overall carbon footprint. This partnership exemplifies our purpose to build a more sustainable future to make the world better for everyone.” Given the success of the pilot, Flowserve and Heide Refinery will expand the program to optimize other flow loops within the plant.