Further Graphene Enhanced PAEK Plastics Agreement

Monday, Dec 19, 2016

Versarien plc, the advanced materials group, is pleased to announce an agreement with Fern Plastic Products Ltd (“Fern Plastics”) to manufacture injection moulded products using graphene enhanced polyaryletherketone (PAEK) materials.

The agreement with Fern Plastics follows the agreement with Scafell Organics Ltd (“Scafell”) announced on 14 December 2016.  It is intended that Versarien will utilise Fern Plastics’ manufacturing facilities and expertise to produce injection moulded products using graphene enhanced PAEK materials produced through Versarien’s collaboration with Scafell.

Following the agreements with Scafell and Fern Plastics, Versarien is now able to supply both graphene enhanced PAEK materials to manufacturers and also has the capability to supply finished products. It is anticipated that these graphene enhanced materials and products will be available for sale by Versarien through its sales team as well as to Scafell and Fern Plastics’ customers.

Iain Graham, Managing Director of Fern Plastics, commented: “We are proud that Versarien selected Fern.  Innovations in polymer materials are very seldom and this is a unique opportunity for my team to demonstrate their vast experience in plastic injection moulding and tools in driving the practical implementation of this truly remarkable technology.”

Neill Ricketts, CEO of Versarien, commented: “Following our agreement with Scafell we are delighted to have reached agreement with Fern Plastics to utilise their expertise in injection moulding to provide us with the capability to produce graphene enhanced PAEK products.  We are seeing a number of enquiries from potential customers and having the ability to manufacture finished products sets us apart from other graphene suppliers. We are looking forward to working with Fern Plastics to supply revolutionary products.”



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