Greenbutts successfully qualifies its patented filter substrate on Aiger's Next Gen machinery

14 May 2024

Greenbutts LLC. is pleased to announce that it has successfully completed filter conversion qualification with AIGER GROUP AG

Tadas Lisauskas, CEO of Greenbutts, commented, " Our consistent innovation and unique intellectual property related to our biodegradable filter technology empower our multinational partners to achieve their plastic-reduction objectives without compromising the sensory experience that smokers expect. Collaborating with Aiger, we envision significant success in the European market, where changing environmental regulations necessitate the adoption of plastic-free alternatives."

"Greenbutts, a pioneer in sustainable materials development, is committed to creating a single-use plastic-free future. To accelerate the adoption of eco-friendly alternatives across the tobacco and other industries, Greenbutts has established a collaborative effort with AIGER. Aiger's renowned engineering expertise and adaptable approach align seamlessly with Greenbutts' fundamental principles. Following multiple successful trials of Greenbutts' substrate on Aiger's state-of-the-art machinery, Greenbutts is bringing innovative solutions to combat single-use plastics in the filter industry, meeting the increased demand for sustainable products and components." Lisauskas continued.

Courtland MacDuff, Executive Board Member, Director at Aiger Engineering Ltd commented, "More than 10 years ago, we recognized Greenbutts' innovation and creativity. We shared their vision and since that time we have developed state-of-the-art machinery for their products."

"Aiger took steps early on to engineer new machines to produce high quality filter rods using natural, non-plastic materials. The task was not only to modernize the process but to do it better and differently. Aiger's Bio-FleX production line hit the targets and stands today as the most advanced and versatile filter maker in this new segment.

It was no surprise when both Aiger and Greenbutts teamed up years ago to perform product testing and machinery development together. It came as a logical move. Driven by innovation, Aiger invested resources, engineered solutions, and achieved the highest levels of quality." MacDuff added.