Kite Packaging introduces new premium polystyrene void fill

Friday, Nov 25, 2016

Kite Packaging has expanded its in-box solutions range with the introduction of new premium polystyrene void fill.

The new void fill has been developed to reduce damage from shock, vibration and the movement of goods in the box.

The new range, which offers an all-round protection, is durable and fills the space and gaps around any product.

Polystyrene void fill will occupy the space between multiple products in a box. It will fill the voids between the products while providing protection, due to its shockproof and high absorption qualities.

Kite Packaging said the premium polystyrene is a strong and resilient product that will perform work under well under stress and impact crushes compared to other types of loose fill.

Kite’s range of premium polystyrene is said to be unaffected by moisture, while most of the loose fill products gets affected by moisture.

In August, the firm launched new reusable plastic container range, which is designed by LoadHog.

The new range was developed to solve handling and logistic problems within the supply chain for a wide range of industries.

The new range includes attached lid, stackable / nestable and pallet containers, which are suitable for different industries.

Kite Packaging provides a range of products, including corrugated boards and cartons, polythene and paper bags, labels, pallets, pallet wrap and stretch film products, as well as packaging tapes and paper sheets and rolls.


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