Plastic Injection Mold Manufacturer in China Announces to Offer Economical Manufacturing Solution for Industrial Clients

1 April 2017

With their great expertise and specialization, Inno Molding Co.,ltd announces plastic mold making service for different clients, engaged in producing a variety of goods. The company has an experienced and resourceful product development and engineering team that is capable of developing precise mold to meet their exact manufacturing requirement.

The company is one of the leading plastic injection mold manufacturers in China that have the ability to work with different plastic materials, such as PC, PP, PE, PA, PSU, TPU, TPE, silicone and others. This is why Inno Molding Co.,ltd can deliver an incredibly large range of plastic molds suitable for different industrial applications. They have their own factory setup with dozens of plastic injection machines to design and develop plastic molds on a timely basis. The engineers and technicians of the company carefully process each mold developing task and endeavor to supply molds without a delay.

According to the company spokesperson, they are one of the ISO certified injection molding manufacturers in China with professional QC inspectors to monitor product quality. These inspectors carry out assembly testing, dimensional measurement and cosmetic inspection to make sure the best quality plastic molds are produced for the clients. They document all the data related to the mold and send the sample to the client for their review and to make sure that the developed mold meets the client's precise specifications.

As one of the trustworthy plastic mould manufacturers in China, they carry out the quality analysis before shipping molds to the client. They use high quality PP bags, PET blister, and transparent buffers for packing molds and shipping them to the customers around the world. With the best quality packaging, the molds remain protected from any kind of wear and tear and customers receive exact quality molds for their production purposes. The company is capable of handling the mass production of the mold after the sample approval by the client.