Plastic Omnium Announces New International Partnerships To Boost Its Open Innovation Strategy

25 May 2023

Plastic Omnium has signed partnership agreements with two international academic institutions, which play a leading role in open innovation, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the USA and National Innovation Center by Excellence (NICE) in China. These new partnerships offer Plastic Omnium the opportunity to harness innovation ecosystems in two of the world’s most dynamic regions in terms of research and mobility.

Plastic Omnium’s collaboration with MIT includes membership of the Industrial Liaison Program, providing it with access to 65 research laboratories, 1,000 faculty members, 3,700 researchers and 1,200 startups. The fields of collaboration cover a great number of fields: training, problem-solving, teaming up with startups, and recruiting students and researchers. The first areas of focus will be energy storage and transformation, new materials and recycling, uses of AI for autonomous mobility, and onboard software.

Plastic Omnium’s collaboration with NICE, a consortium based in the Yangtze Delta, will involve working with leading research centers and enterprises in the Chinese industrial heartland. NICE has developed in-depth expertise in advanced materials, energy and environmental sciences, manufacturing processes, and equipment. The partnership will focus on research, industrial and academic collaboration, and training.

The two new partnerships illustrate how Plastic Omnium is ramping up its open innovation strategy as it increases and deepens its relationships with global research hotbeds. In November 2022, for instance, Plastic Omnium announced a research agreement to explore electric mobility innovations with the CEA, France’s Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission. The common theme of all these initiatives is Plastic Omnium’s determination to continue to innovate close to its various customers in some of the world’s most dynamic regions.

Félicie Burelle, Managing Director of Plastic Omnium, says: “At a time when mobility is changing at an unprecedented rate, driven by actors striving to outdo each other in terms of innovation and disruption, Plastic Omnium is determined to stand at the forefront of these transformations. These new partnerships with world- renowned institutions will play a part in the emergence of new technological solutions for mobility.”

As part of this process, Plastic Omnium and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are holding a symposium in Paris on October 17, 2023, to examine the impact of artificial intelligence on the emergence of new services and practices for mobility. The event will be attended by lecturers and professors from three MIT laboratories (AI, Media Lab, and Mobility Lab) as well as representatives from startups for a day