Polyplastics starts PEK (polyetherketone) business, an injection-moldable super engineering plastic with ultra-high heat resistance and durability

23 May 2023

Polyplastics Co., Ltd.  has started SARPEK® PEK business from April 2023.

SARPEK® PEK is an engineering plastic in the upper end of the crystalline super engineering plastic portfolio, a resin with the same backbone as PEEK (polyether ether ketone), which has a high crystallization rate and high molding efficiency.It is a newer material with high heat resistance and high strength that can replace metals in harsh environments where crystalline super engineering plastics could not do so in the past. With the start of this business, a total of six grades will be launched, including three non-reinforced, glass-fiber reinforced, and carbon-fiber reinforced grades.Sales outside Japan are scheduled to begin in October 2023.

Application Examples
Suitable for springs, gears, screws, and other machine element parts where durability is required.

Future Developments
We will make proposals according to customer applications, such as needs for replacing metal with resin.We can provide not only pellets but also test specimens such as extruded rods, etc.