SEKISUI CHEMICAL begins survey on scale-up of chemical looping technology for CO2 to CO conversion and the suitability of demonstration requirements for application to CCU

12 February 2024

SEKISUI CHEMICAL CO., LTD.announces that it has been entrusted by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (hereinafter “NEDO”) to conduct a “Survey on the Suitability of Demonstration Requirements/Demonstration Research on Chemical Looping Technology for CO2 to CO Conversion to Achieve Carbon Neutrality in the Steel Industry (EU)” (hereinafter “the NEDO project”). The NEDO project has begun in November 2023.

1. Background

SEKISUI CHEMICAL has been developing its unique chemical looping technology for CO2 to CO conversion, which converts CO2 to CO at a high conversion rate. In 2021, tests using actual blast furnace gas at an ArcelorMittal, S.A. (CEO: Aditya Mittal; hereinafter “ArcelorMittal”) plant in Asturias, Spain achieved a CO2 conversion rate of 90% and a hydrogen conversion rate of 75%*1 in June of last year.

With CO2 and hydrogen conversion rates even higher than initially targeted, SEKISUI CHEMICAL has been considering a new project with a view to scaling up for commercialization. It applied for the NEDO's “FY2023 International Demonstration Project on Japan's Technologies for Decarbonization and Energy Transition (Survey on the Suitability of Demonstration Requirements),” and the project was selected.

2. Overview of New Project

CO2 emitted from ArcelorMittal’s steel plant (the final selection of the steel plant where the technology will be installed will be made within the coming months) will be converted to CO using SEKISUI CHEMICAL’s chemical looping technology for CO2 to CO conversion. The feasibility and economic viability of the technology will be studied for various potential CO applications (CCU), including direct utilization as a reductant in blast furnaces and further conversion of CO through the utilization of technologies owned by partners in Japan and abroad. A series of technological demonstrations will then be conducted from CO2 to deployment for promising CO applications.

The volume of CO2 conversion in the demonstration will be scaled up from 1 kg/day in the previous test at the plant in Asturias, Spain to 10 tons/day.

The period of this survey on the suitability of demonstration requirements is scheduled from November 2023 to March 2024. The survey will gather information on the energy situation in the EU, policies on GHG reduction, regulations and environment for on-site demonstration, and ArcelorMittal’s steel plant and its surrounding environment, location, and supply infrastructure. Efforts will then be launched to scale up the chemical looping technology for CO2 to CO conversion and demonstrate the CCU technology.

  SEKISUI CHEMICAL will continue its efforts to commercialize this technology, aiming to commercialize it in FY2030 and establish a new resource recycling system, thereby contributing to the realization of a sustainable society.

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