WeePallet Introduces 3 New Sets of Blow Molding Machines for Plastic Pallets

Thursday, May 11, 2017

WeePallet, the leading manufacturer and supplier of plastic pallets, today introduced three more sets of blow molding machines. The company now owns a total 8 modern blow molding machines for plastic pallets used in cold chain supply.

The new sets of machines aim to boost the production capacity of WeePallet, which is more than 10,000 plastic pallets a day. WeePallet blow molding machines feature modern technology with the capability to process 100% virgin HDPE material.

"With 8 blow molding machines, our company can handle bulk orders of HDPE plastic pallets that are durable and have impressive resistance to cracking," said Mr. Blue Chen, the WeePallet Export Manager. "These blow molding machines for plastic pallets ensure a uniform thickness with high dynamic and static load capacities. We can assure all our customers of high quality plastic pallets for any supply chain management process."

Features of WeePallet Blow Molding Machines for Plastic Pallets

The three new machines have the following key features:

A fully automated system: The blow molding machine is a fully automated machine with PLC software.

This ensures precise dimensional control and repeatability. The system eliminates human intervention that is prone to errors and inconsistencies.

A standardized machine: WeePallet new blow molding machines for plastic pallets are made in accordance with the American and European standards. Hence, they produce pallets to international standards that fit on most forklifts.

Highly sensitive machines: Blow molding is a pressure and temperature sensitive process. The blow molding machines for plastic pallets have advanced temperature and pressure control systems.

All pneumatic and hydraulic valves are made to international standards. Energy efficient: The electrical systems are CE compliant, with energy efficient electric motors.

So far, blow molding plastic pallets technology has made WeePallet a recognized force in the plastic pallet industry. WeePallet partners will thus benefit from:

Durable and reliable plastic pallets: WeePallet uses 100% virgin HDPE plastic pallets. Adopting blow molding technique produces plastic pallets that are strong, durable and reliable due to the unique manufacturing process.

High load capacity pallets: WeePallet team ensures a controlled thickness of the plastic pallets. This produces high load capacity plastic pallets that can handle enormous amounts of shock during storage and shipping.

Pallets are optimized for low temperature applications: Plastic pallets produced through blow molding are resistant to low temperatures – as low as - 40°C. They are suitable for cold chain supply.

By introducing three more blow molding machines for plastic pallets, WeePallet intends to meet the high demand for these shipping and storage accessories.


Clients can purchase blow molded pallets from WeePallet's official website. They are available in both standard and custom designs.


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