Akdeniz Chemson has launched a new zinc borate company

22 February 2021

Akdeniz Chemson, the world leader in PVC stabilizers, under the umbrella of OYAK, has launched the company's first phase of zinc borate production in Izmir with an annual capacity of 3,000 tons . Akdeniz Chemson will this month complete the parallel capacity expansion in zinc oxide production, one of the main raw materials for the production of zinc borate, and at the same time take its place among flame retardant manufacturers in the world.

Akdeniz Chemson, which is one of the OYAK companies, continues its investments after the merger in October 2020 without slowing them down. Akdeniz Chemson's goal is to start the first phase of the new company, which started operations in Izmir, and to produce 3,000 tons of zinc borate annually. Akdeniz Chemson, has become one of the leading flame retardant manufacturers in the world with the start of the production of inorganic additives that are flame and smoke retardant. Akdeniz Chemson will produce 6,000 tons of zinc borate annually in addition to its current production capacity when the second phase of the investment is completed. In addition, the company will expand its capacity in the zinc oxide area, one of the main raw materials in the manufacture of this product.

Akdeniz Chemson directs its own R&D process for the manufacture of specialty chemicals

Akdeniz Chemson, conducts the R&D process to manufacture high value added chemicals in line with his vision of becoming a global chemistry portfolio. The company began producing zinc borate for the first time in 2018, back then as Akdeniz Kimya. Akdeniz Chemson has started the first phase of the new company in Izmir in order to be able to meet the rapidly growing market needs. Akdeniz Chemson also develops and designs production and process technologies for the zinc borate product in its own R&D and engineering department.

It is used against high temperatures

Zinc borate, which has flame and smoke retardant properties, is especially used in the manufacture of fire-resistant products. Zinc borate, which is mainly found in PVC, nylon and halogenated polyester in polymers and coatings, is used in high-temperature-resistant plastics, fire-resistant cables and fabrics, electronic parts, paints, in car and aircraft interiors, and in the paper and textile industries .

Akdeniz Chemson:
Akdeniz Kimya, an OYAK company active in the chemical sector, merged in October 2020 with the Austrian company Chemson, which was bought back in 2013. After this merger, Akdeniz Chemson has become the largest PVC stabilizer company. Akdeniz Chemson, which has achieved an annual production capacity of 250,000 tons with the merger, has expanded its product portfolio for the sectors it serves and has become the only point of sale for PVC solutions. Akdeniz Chemson's markets, which sell to 110 countries, include Europe, Russia, the Turkic States, North Africa, the Middle East, the United States, China, Brazil and Australia.

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