Amur GCC, LLC Selects Univation’s UNIPOL™ PE Technology for New Multi-Line Polyethylene Project

29 October 2020

Amur Gas Chemical Complex, LLC (“AGCC”), the project being implemented by SIBUR, the largest integrated petrochemicals company in Russia, has selected Univation Technologies’ UNIPOL™ PE Process for three world-scale PE reactor lines. These three lines will be incorporated into a world-scale, integrated project that also includes two additional SIBUR petrochemical production lines under design and construction near Svobodny town, Amur region, in the Far East of the Russian Federation. The combined manufacturing assets underneath the Gas Chemical Complex project will contribute to a total polyolefin design capacity of 2,700,000 TPY.

With dual objectives of creating significant PE capacity while also maximizing PE production flexibility, AGCC will construct three world-scale UNIPOL™ PE Process lines including two 600,000 TPY full-density plants for HDPE/LLDPE production and a single 600,000 TPY line focused on a broad range of both bimodal and unimodal HDPE production. The three lines achieve a combined total UNIPOL™ PE Process design capacity of 1,800,000 TPY.

AGCC will utilize Univation’s most advanced product technology platforms for both HDPE and LLDPE production, including ACCLAIM™ Technology for unimodal HDPE, PRODIGY™ Technology for bimodal HDPE, and XCAT™ Technology for advanced metallocene LLDPE. With these capabilities, AGCC plans to capture a full-range of HDPE, LLDPE and metallocene LLDPE product opportunities, which includes both conventional large-volume products as well as specialty applications.

AGCC will employ Univation’s advanced software platforms for both process control capability and virtual process training tools. Univation’s process control software, PREMIER™ APC+, delivers state-of-the-art process control capability designed to maximize production rates, facilitate rapid product transitions and enhance overall operational reliability of the UNIPOL™ PE Process. Univation’s UNIPOL™ PE Virtual Plant Simulator (UVPS) Software will provide AGCC’s operating staff a life-like training environment by simulating the look and feel of all key operational aspects of a UNIPOL™ PE Plant to deliver a highly realistic training experience.

“The Amur Gas Chemical Complex represents a significant investment in world-scale petrochemical production capability – and we are pleased to collaborate with SIBUR on their three polyethylene lines which will provide considerable supply benefits for both regional and global markets,” stated Dr. Steven F. Stanley, President of Univation Technologies. Dr. Stanley continued, “UNIPOL™ PE Technology delivers essential elements for a project of this magnitude including proven world-scale capacity designs, long-term manufacturing economic advantages derived from lower initial investment and low on-going operating costs, and highly flexible PE production capabilities to both anticipate and meet ever evolving application requirements within the PE market.”

Sergey Komyshan, Management Board Member – Executive Director of Petrochemicals at SIBUR, added his comments, “The Amur GCC project represents a significant step towards SIBUR’s transformation into a global-level petrochemical company. This strategic project signifies a key investment commitment directed at creating new world-scale polyolefin manufacturing capabilities and contributing to unlocking Russia’s huge non-commodity export potential. Univation’s UNIPOL™ PE Technology was a natural choice given their long history of PE industry experience, the breadth of their PE technology know-how, and the proven track record of delivering large capacity projects while meeting all the critical performance objectives. SIBUR is committed to forging close working relationships with the Univation team as together we bring these three world-scale PE lines into production to satisfy our customers’ growing polyethylene demand in both Asian and Russian markets.”

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SIBUR is the leader of the Russian petrochemical industry and one of the largest companies globally in this sector, with more than 23,000 employees. The Company’s unique vertically integrated business model allows it to create highly competitive products consumed in the chemical, fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), automotive, construction, energy and other industries in 90 countries worldwide.

SIBUR helps to reduce CO2 emissions stemming from the burning of oil extraction by-products, such as associated petroleum gas (APG), by recycling them instead. In 2020, SIBUR processed 22.6 billion cubic meters of APG, thus cutting greenhouse emissions by 72 million tonnes, which is equivalent to the annual CO2 footprint of a middle-sized European country.

In 2020, SIBUR reported revenue of USD 8.2 billion and EBITDA of USD 2.6 billion. Over the past 10 years, SIBUR has implemented a number of large-scale investment projects worth more than RUB 1 trillion.

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