Aran Biomedical is making ProTEX Med® implantable polypropylene resin available to help pharmaceutical companies fight COVID-19

22 May 2020

Aran Biomedical Teoranta, provider of outsourced design, development and manufacturing services for implantable devices, announced the availability of its implantable material ProTEX Med® for purchase as a standalone raw material for products, which require implantable polypropylene (PP).

According to the company, the decision was announced to meet the increasing number of requests for implantable polypropylene for pharmaceutical and blood tests. The material was previously exclusive to companies that promoted Aran Biomedical's implantable textile manufacturing services, but the company is now receiving requests for implantable polypropylene for much broader indications. These include blood collection tubes, short-term, pre-filled syringes and containers for cryogenic vaccines.

It is believed that such articles could be the focus of the fight against COVID-19 while the search for suitable treatments or vaccines continues. "The company is adapting to the new normal and is committed to fighting the pandemic in every possible way," says CEO of the company Peter Mulrooney. "We were fortunate to be seen as an essential service provider and in this difficult area Offering our proprietary resin as a standalone material was a decision that was made internally to ease the growing number of requests for implantable polypropylene that we received. "Mulrooney added," The offer of our material to the Manufacturing medical devices at the forefront is not something

Polypropylene ProTEX Med is an implantable resin that is different from other resins due to its biocompatibility and suitability for use in blood-contact environments. The material is tested according to ISO 10993-5 (for cytotoxicity) and has a unique reference in the form of an FDA device master file, which is available to support product qualification. Equivalence data compared to currently implanted PP varieties are also available. The suitability of resin for long-term clinical implantation is supported by data from implantable devices: the FDA's 510k approval for the use of ProTEX Med® resin for the manufacture of this implant was granted in 2018.

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