Archroma and COLOURizd™ collaborate to make fashion more sustainable

9 June 2023

Archroma, a global leader in specialty chemicals towards sustainable solutions, is teaming up with COLOURizd™, a global innovator specializing in sustainable textile dyeing technologies, to set a new standard for the eco-friendlier production of sustainable textiles.

The new collaboration will enable fabric mills and brands to combine Archroma pigment coloration solutions with the COLOURizd™ QuantumCOLOURTM yarn-coloring technology to produce high-quality, high-performance textiles with maximum consumer appeal and minimal environmental impact.

“Archroma is committed to advancing the fashion and textile industry with sustainable solutions that are safe, efficient and enhanced,” Joaquin Femat, Director, Printing Market Segment, Textile Effects Division, Archroma, said. “As the preferred supplier of pigment coloration solutions for QuantumCOLOURTM we are proud to join COLOURizd™ in challenging industry conventions to make textile and fashion production better for brands and mills, people and our planet.”

“With a mission to revolutionize the textile industry through groundbreaking and eco-friendly solutions, COLOURizd™ is pleased to partner with Archroma to champion clean and simple yarn coloring. We are reimagining textile coloration in partnership with leaders like Archroma because we believe in a future where fashion is accessible, affordable and sustainable,” Jennifer Thompson, Chief Executive Officer at COLOURizd™, said.

Conventional fiber-reactive methods of dyeing cellulosic and synthetic yarns are multi-step resource-intensive processes that use up to 95 liters of water per kilograms of colored yarn and discharge approximately 94 liters of effluent.

In contrast, the innovative QuantumCOLOURTM process injects pigment and a binder directly into the yarn, using only 0.95 liters of water per kilograms of colored yarn while producing zero effluent. This represents an unprecedented reduction of 98% in water consumption alongside zero wastewater discharge, zero discharge of harmful chemicals, 73% decrease in carbon footprint and 50% reduction in energy use.*

With Archroma, textile manufacturers and apparel brands can add further value to the QuantumCOLOURTM process with tailor-made system solutions, including JUST COLOR. This formaldehyde-free** pigment coloration system is based on Archroma’s revolutionary Printofix® pigment dispersions and Helizarin® binders to deliver exceptionally soft fabrics with high fastness and durability, while also enabling energy and chemical savings and higher productivity.