Bausano Announces Addition of New R&D Lab for Customers and Prospects to Test Plastic Formulations Using Bausano Extruders

15 July 2022

Bausano, an international leader in the design and production of customized extrusion lines for the transformation of plastic materials, today announced a major investment to expand its R&D and pilot testing department at its headquarters in Italy. To be fully operational in the fall, Bausano’s additional testing laboratory will feature state-of-the-art technology systems for performing a wide and diverse range of preliminary chemical and physical tests and analyses using Bausano extruders on behalf of its international partners and potential customers.

“Bausano has always made it a priority to provide our expertise and laboratory facilities to our customers and prospects worldwide for testing formulations and evaluating developments in the plasticization and extrusion process,” said Giorgio Critelli, area manager at Bausano. “We’ve constantly strived to help our customers find the best way to set up our extruder lines to tailor to their specific need. We’re confident that this expansion will provide further pre-purchase assurance of reliability and capability to meet production targets.”

Bausano’s new testing lab will be equipped to test and sample various materials, including PVC, C-PVC, HDPE, PP, LDPE, thermoplastic rubbers, polycarbonate, ABS, PMMA, EVA, POM, PS, PA6 as well as non-petrochemical, biodegradable polymers and Wood Plastic Composite (WPC). The new lab will feature a complete Brabender laboratory system; a high-pressure capillary rheometer for processing viscosity tests and thermoplastic material characterization; and cutting-edge software for the rheological and physical analysis of finite elements. Ultimately, the tests performed in the lab are especially useful to the Bausano team for choosing the correct dosing system – volumetric, gravimetric or combined – and end-of-line accessories.

The machine fleet for extrusion tests will comprise three Bausano lines:

  • MD 30: Due to its small size, Bausano’s twin-screw extruder model MD 30 is an ideal tool for processing different kinds of materials to examine the various stages of scaling up an extrusion process, from the laboratory to the pilot test to the industrial plant.
  • MD 75: Once reliable results are achieved, tests are then performed on a demonstration pilot system with Bausano’s medium-sized, twin-screw extruder model MD 75, which produces a representative sample of the product at a preliminary stage.
  • E-GO R 60-37: A groundbreaking technology that is designed to feed both in-house industrial waste and domestic post-consumer waste from washing lines back into production processes, Bausano’s single-screw extruder model E-GO R 60-37 allows tests for processing and regenerating plastics that are highly contaminated, such as HDPE residues from containers used for milk, motor oil, shampoos and conditioners, soap, detergents and bleach. Other examples include PP waste from lunch boxes, jars, syrup and medicine bottles, caps as well as LDPE waste from cling film, shopping bags and squeezable bottles.

About Bausano

Founded in 1946, Bausano is an international leader in the design and production of customized extrusion lines for the transformation of plastic materials. Quality, flexibility and attentiveness to the individual needs of every customer are the company’s distinctive features in developing tailor-made solutions for the extrusion of pipes, granules, profiles and wood plastic composites (WPC) for a wide variety of applications. The company’s headquarters are located near Turin, Italy, and it has production units in Brazil and India. Its U.S. offices are based in Oswego, Ill. and Houston. For more information, visit and follow on Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.


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