Bioaqualife's Biodegradable Shrink Wrap Film biowrap Achieves Class A Rating in Key Flame Spread Test ASTM E84

29 February 2024

bioaqualife, a leading manufacturer of eco-friendly plastic film and tape alternatives, is proud to announce that its biodegradable shrink wrap film has achieved a Class A rating in the ASTM E84 Standard Test Method for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials. This prestigious certification confirms that bioaqualife's shrink wrap film meets strict fire safety standards in several major industries. This breakthrough industrial-grade shrink-wrap film biodegrades by digestion of landfill bacteria in years instead of multi-century degradation into nano-particle plastics like traditional shrink wrap film.

The ASTM E84 test, also known as the Steiner Tunnel Test, is the premier standard for evaluating flame spread and smoke development of building and construction materials in the United States. To earn a Class A rating, a material must exhibit a flame spread of 25 or less and smoke development of 450 or less under test conditions. bioaqualife's biodegradable shrink wrap film surpassed requirements with a flame spread index of <15> and smoke development index of <300>.

Achieving this high Class A rating has three major benefits for bioaqualife customers:

Certified Fire Safety for Boating Applications

Boating manufacturers, repair and dry dock companies, and individuals can now use both biodegradables. bioaqualife's Class A rating provides boat manufacturers and owners confidence that wrapping their vessels with bioaqualife shrink wrap will meet USCG fire safety regulations. This empowers the $42 billion US recreational boating industry to choose an environmentally sustainable shrink wrap option without compromising safety.

Approved for Agricultural Buildings and Animal Housing

bioaqualife's Class A flame spread rating meets model building code requirements for agricultural facilities like barns, stables, and greenhouses. Agricultural builders can now avoid conventional polyethylene shrink wrap and instead use bioaqualife's product to cover animal housing,use in commercial greenhouses, protect equipment, and more. This promotes sustainability in agriculture without increasing fire risk.

Suitable for Residential and Commercial Buildings

The International Building Code accepts Class A-rated materials for many interior and exterior building applications. Architects, contractors, and builders can confidently specify bioaqualife shrink wrap as a temporary protective covering during the construction or renovation of residential and commercial structures. This provides the $900 billion US construction industry with a biodegradable alternative to standard polyethylene builders' film.

"Earning a Class A rating in the stringent ASTM E84 test demonstrates our steadfast commitment to product safety," said Carsten Petersen of bioaqualife. "We strive to deliver top-tier performance so customers never have to compromise between sustainability, effectiveness, and safety. This achievement unlocks new shrink wrap market biodegradability products to large use industries and furthers our and our customer's missions of ending plastic waste."

bioaqualife's Class A-rated, biodegradable shrink wrap film is available directly through or through certified distributors. bioaqualife offers custom shrink-wrap solutions for applications across boating, agriculture, construction, packaging, and beyond.

About bioaqualife

Founded in 2023, bioaqualife produces innovative biomaterials that provide sustainable plastic alternatives in shrink wrap and more.  By producing films and tapes that provide a "bacterial feast" for landfill bacteria, bioaqualife produces degrade in years versus centuries under most landfill conditions. Their biodegradable products include shrink films, agricultural films, construction, packaging tapes, and more. bioaqualife is headquartered in Narragansett, RI.


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