BioLogiQ Announces a Breakthrough NuPlastiQ® BioBlend® XN for use in Polypropylene Non-woven Applications Bringing Expanded Performance and Price-competitive Bio-based Content to this Valuable Market

1 September 2021

BioLogiQ, Inc., a global innovator and manufacturer of plant-based biopolymers for use in the production of plastic products, announced today that it has developed a NuPlastiQ BioBlend for use with polypropylene in Spun Bond Fabric, Melt-Blown Fabric, and Fiber for Yarn non-woven applications. Furthermore, BioLogiQ has demonstrated the use of this new BioBlend in both monofilament and sheath/core fiber structures.

Steven Sherman, BioLogiQ's CEO, said "this is a game changer available today, offering affordable bio-based drop-in content that also increases wettability…this development is further validation of BioLogiQ's technology innovation and the versatility of an already powerful biopolymer that will enable our customers to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and reduce plastic pollution if leaked into the environment."

NuPlastiQ is an innovative biopolymer made from plants that can be combined with many resins to create application specific high performing BioBlends. The use of BioBlends produces more environmentally enhanced plastic products providing a powerful value proposition for companies including decreasing the use of fossil-based and other non-renewable materials, reducing, greenhouse gas emissions, and decreasing environmental persistence.

Non-woven materials are made from staple fiber and long fiber—typically a polyolefin such as polypropylene—bonded together by chemical, pressure, or heat to produce everything from disposable cleaning pads and hygiene products to critical personal protective equipment for healthcare. While there are extensive potential applications, and other bio-polymer customers providing similar additives, NuPlastiQ is unique in that it:

  • Requires no chemicals to facilitate wettability.
  • Reduces plastics pollution due to increased biodegradability without increasing microplastics into our lands and our oceans.
  • Is shelf-stable and has excellent performance in non-woven applications

NuPlastiQ® BioBlend® XN has been specifically engineered to combine with polypropylene to produce a myriad of competitive non-woven products that can reduce or eliminate the use of toxic chemicals, and communicate a stronger sustainability profile to consumers.

BioLogiQ has already begun in-depth discussions regarding potential application opportunities for this new technology in everyday plastic products and packaging with several global consumer and commercial brands. Mr. Sherman further said, "with the expansion efforts we've already concluded, we are confident in our ability to scale operations and capacity to meet the needs of our customers".

About BioLogiQ
BioLogiQ, Inc. brings new options for more sustainable plastic products, and enables significant reductions in the use of fossil-fuel and other non-renewable materials, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and unlocks the full potential of nature's toolbox to biodegrade more of the plastics choking our lands and oceans to create a world with less pollution.

Using NuPlastiQ in the production of plastic products is the best sustainability upgrade available today.

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