Borealis introduces glass-fiber reinforced PP with 65% PCR for demanding automotive applications

20 June 2024

Borealis is pleased to introduce Borcycle™ GD3600SY, a glass-fiber reinforced polypropylene compound with 65% post-consumer recycled polymer content. It will first be used in automotive interiors in a landmark project delivered in partnership with Plastivaloire, a thermoplastic injection specialist and Tier 1 supplier to the automotive sector, and Stellantis, an OEM and the owner of 14 automotive brands.

Borcycle GD3600SY is part of the Borcycle™ M portfolio of mechanically recycled polyolefins for demanding applications. It contains 30% glass fibers, meaning that almost the entire polymer fraction of the product is made from post-consumer recycled PP. It will initially be used in center console carriers for the new Peugeot 3008, marking the first instance of a compound with 65% PCR PP being used in series production for large automotive interior applications.

This development proactively addresses the expected requirements of the forthcoming European End-of-Life Vehicles regulation. This stipulates that 25% of the plastic used in new vehicles must come from recycled sources, with a clear focus on mechanical and post-consumer recycling. Given that polypropylene accounts for about one-third of the plastic in cars, compounds like Borcycle GD3600SY will play a critical role in achieving these circularity goals.

Historically, mechanically recycled plastics from post-consumer waste streams have been of low and inconsistent quality, making them unsuitable for demanding automotive applications. However, advanced recycling technologies like Borcycle M have overcome these limitations: By combining sorting, cleaning, and extrusion steps, it converts household waste streams into high-quality PCR polymers that meet the demanding standards of the automotive industry while also advancing circularity.

Shanila Baseley, Borealis Global Commercial Vice President, Advanced Products & Mobility, Commercial Excellence & Business Intelligence, states, “Accelerating the transition to a circular economy requires strong partnerships and innovative approaches. We are proud that our collaboration with Plastivaloire and Stellantis in the spirit of EverMinds™ has resulted in this significant step towards sustainability in the automotive sector and is further evidence of our commitment to reinventing essentials for sustainable living.”

“In the automotive market, Borealis introduced Borcycle GD3600SY in Q4 2023. Stellantis is the leading OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) implementing this technology, deploying it in our center console carriers in vehicle interiors. This reinforces our commitment to sustainability by engaging our supply base in a shared journey towards circularity,” explains Danielly Pierozan Cortes, Global Head of Resins & Compounds at Stellantis.

Borealis and its partners have been recognized as finalists in the category “Automotive, Electrical & Electronic Product” in the Plastic Recycling Awards Europe 2024 for the center console carrier made from Borcycle GD3600SY. The product will be showcased at PIAE 2024 in Mannheim, Germany, 19–20 June, and at PRSE 2024 in Amsterdam, Netherlands, 19–20 June.

“Developed and manufactured in France, the center console structure of the new Peugeot 3008, produced with Borealis’ new Borcycle M GD3600SY grade, is a major step towards a more sustainable automotive industry. Our participation in the 2024 Plastic Recycling Europe award underlines Plastivaloire’s commitment to sustainability and circularity,” says Dominique Manceau, Innovation Director at Plastivaloire.

The qualification of Borcycle GD3600SY for the Peugeot 3008 center console carriers marks another milestone in Borealis’ EverMinds™ ambition to accelerate the transition to a circular economy. It also serves as an example of the company’s spirit of partnership with the mobility sector, moving ahead together to a more sustainable future.

Moving ahead together with Borealis Mobility

For over 50 years, Borealis has been a leading supplier of innovative polyolefin solutions for the mobility industry. Our specialized compounds are engineered for a range of demanding applications, including vehicle Interiors and Exteriors, e-Powertrain systems, and Under-the-Hood components.

At the core of this portfolio is our proprietary Borstar® technology, which forms the foundation for our high-performance, cost-effective, and lightweight polypropylene materials that can substitute conventional materials like engineering plastics and metal.

Our EverMinds™ commitment to accelerating action on circularity is evident in our circular portfolios, which help reduce the carbon footprint of vehicles without compromising performance. This includes the Bornewables™, based on renewable feedstock, Borcycle™ M, derived from advanced mechanically recycled materials, and Borcycle™ C, based on chemically recycled feedstock The circular content in the Bornewables™ and Borcycle™ C materials is attributed using a mass balance approach, which is ISCC PLUS certified. This certification guarantees traceability throughout the supply chain, giving you and your customers confidence in their sustainability credentials.

As the mobility industry evolves, Borealis continues to deliver innovation where it counts – in compounds that make vehicles safer, more efficient, and more sustainable for everyone.

Borstar® is a registered trademark of Borealis AG.
Borcycle™, the Bornewables™ and EverMinds™ are trademarks of Borealis AG.

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