Cabot Corporation Expands Engineered Elastomer Composites (E2C™) Line with First Product in New Foundation Series of Solutions

13 November 2020

Cabot Corporation announced the launch of its latest Engineered Elastomer Composites (E2C™) product, FX9390, part of the new E2C Foundation series of solutions that delivers multidimensional performance for a variety of tire types. FX9390 is formulated to deliver significant performance improvement balanced across cut/chip/chunk resistance, heat buildup and abrasion resistance in off-the-road mining tires.

When combined with other E2C solutions, FX9390 provides mining customers with flexibility for tire compound formulation within a wide design space.

“We are proud to expand our E2C solutions portfolio with the launch of our first Foundation series product. FX9390 presents a high performance elastomer composite solution for OTR mining and retreading applications that enables customers to quickly develop and launch new tires with performance improvements in multiple dimensions,” explained David Reynolds, vice president and general manager, Cabot Engineered Elastomer Composites. “We are particularly excited about the design freedom afforded to customers who combine this product with our Durability series to tailor compound performance for specific applications.”

FX9390 is a pre-mixed material delivered in highly friable bales, which simplifies material handling and supports production flexibility. Like all E2C solutions, FX9390 can be integrated into a tire-maker’s current production line without additional capital investment, enabling manufacturers to evolve their business models by expanding the performance triangle, shortening development cycles, and reducing operational barriers to new product commercialization. Additionally, because it is pre-mixed, customers can achieve higher performance levels with faster processing times, which is particularly valuable when used on sold-out production lines.

FX9390 benefits:

  • Performance improvements in multiple dimensions
  • Enables a large design space when combined with E2C Durability series products
  • Fewer mixing stages, requiring up to 50% less mixing energy
  • Shorter mixing cycles, requiring up to 50% less mixing time

FX9390 is the latest in the E2C family of solutions launched in early 2020, and represents Cabot’s ongoing commitment to helping tire manufacturers reach performance goals while also improving sustainability performance. Cabot E2C™ solutions are designed to raise the bar in tire performance while offering efficiencies in tire manufacturing.

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