CHIMEI will showcase carbon neutral exhibition and a range of sustainable materials at CHINAPLAS 2024

20 April 2024

CHIMEI will be attending the CHINAPLAS 2024 international exhibition on plastics and rubber industries held in Shanghai from April 23 to 26 after a 6-year absence. The theme of CHIMEI’s display will be “Where Sustainability Meets Eternity,” and will feature a grand showcase of the diverse results of the company’s Ecologue sustainable materials portfolio. Furthermore, CHIMEI has implemented a variety of low-carbon measures and introduced carbon footprint verification and carbon credits to ensure carbon neutrality at exhibitions. The company is collaborating with its supply chain partners to ensure a sustainable future for the rubber and plastics industries.

CHIMEI’s Vice President of the Operation Head Division David Wang said, “Now that we’ve made it through the pandemic, we’re very happy to return to the CHINAPLAS 2024 exhibition in Shanghai after an absence of six years to work with our global partners on innovative sustainability developments in the rubber and plastics industry. CHIMEI’s portfolio of Ecologue sustainable materials provides a diverse selection of innovative solutions. Our recycling technology and international certification and management of recycled materials, as well as our stable partnerships with key suppliers of renewable and circular raw materials in Europe and Asia, allow us to offer comprehensive solutions for ‘recycled’ and ‘biomass’ plastics to many different industries.”

Innovations in Ecologue mechanical recycling: Combining light-colored recycled plastic with design aesthetics

One of the most eye-catching among the exhibited items related to CHIMEI’s mechanical recycling applications is the light-colored electronic communications products, which are made of 30% Ecologue post-consumer recycled polycarbonate (PCR PC). The light gray and light blue coloring and lightweight external designs make them easy to incorporate into everyday decorative aesthetics, thus demonstrating the strong potential of combining PCR plastics and design aesthetics. CHIMEI’s Ecologue PCR plastics are subject to strict quality management and supply chain management to ensure the quality and stability of products, while also achieving the benefits of reducing waste and carbon emissions.

Innovations in Ecologue chemical recycling: World’s first MS plastic resin produced with chemically recycled MMA

By introducing chemical recycling technologies, namely "depolymerization" and "purification", CHIMEI has successfully turned waste PMMA plastics back into recycled MMA monomers, which is then polymerized with SM monomers into MS. This results in the Ecologue chemically recycled MS resin. MS features excellent transparency and optical properties, and its successful applications in light guide plates for displays will be showcased at the exhibition. Not only does the recycled plastics offer performance that is comparable to virgin MMA made from fossil fuels, it also simultaneously provides sustainability benefits such as carbon reduction and waste reduction.

Innovations in Ecologue biomass: Establishing stable biomass material supply chains, and introducing ISCC PLUS certification for all products

CHIMEI has built up stable supply chains with key suppliers of renewable and circular raw materials in Europe and Asia, and has obtained the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) PLUS certification for all of its plastic and rubber products. This ensures that CHIMEI can satisfy the application requirements of various industries for biomass materials. CHIMEI’s Ecologue biomass materials feature consistent performance while also potentially reducing carbon footprints to neutrality or even negative carbon emissions, depending on the ratio of biomass raw materials used. They offer options for high-performance materials with even greater future potential. The exhibition will also feature household appliances that have applied Ecologue biomass materials.

Playing a leading role in realizing carbon neutral exhibitions

CHIMEI is endeavoring to achieve carbon neutrality in exhibitions. The company has adopted many low-carbon solutions for its exhibition setups and related planning, such as recyclable and renewable materials. Furthermore, prior to exhibitions, CHIMEI will actively urge visiting guests to take low-carbon actions, thereby reducing the carbon emissions of participating personnel and the exhibition overall. Furthermore, CHIMEI will conduct detailed inventories of actual carbon emissions for exhibitions based on international standards, and will conduct carbon offsets using carbon credits the company has purchased on international carbon trading platforms as well as apply for the issuance of carbon credit offset certificates, thereby truly achieving carbon neutral exhibitions.

CHIMEI is a global leader in high-performance materials, and as such the company will continue to seek opportunities for dialog with partners throughout the value chain. Such dialog will then be turned into tangible actions in order to continuously enhance the sustainability benefits of high-performance materials, satisfy the requirements of all industries, and collaboratively improve the innovative sustainability development of the rubber and plastic industry, thereby creating a better future for all.