Chinaplas 2024: SABIC Supports Industry Transformation Through Innovation And Collaboration

26 April 2024

SABIC, a global leader in diversified chemicals, yesterday unveiled its "COLLABORATE TO GROW, INNOVATE TO WIN" booth at CHINAPLAS 2024 in Shanghai. Occupying the largest booth at CHINAPLAS this year, the SABIC exhibition features a series of products debut in China that address the pressing market trends of renewable energy, circular economy, better life quality and electrification, and will further deepen SABIC’s collaboration with the industry value chain.

In recent years, worldwide advocacy for sustainability has resulted in rapid shifts in customer preference. Meanwhile, China’s chemical industry has transitioned towards a high-quality development model based on strong innovation capability, improved EHSS awareness, and low-carbon practices. With emerging new quality productive forces being critical to meeting this shift in market demand, SABIC continues to collaborate closely with partners throughout the value chain to drive technical innovation and introduce advanced materials and applications that support this transformation in the Chinese market and beyond.

Sami Al-Osaimi, Executive Vice President, Polymers SBU at SABIC, said: “China is a crucial strategic market for SABIC and one of the keystones underpinning our global growth. As the world’s leading plastics and rubber exhibition, CHINAPLAS provides us with a great platform to showcase our latest innovations and enhance engagement with our customers and partners not just in China, but around the world. Innovation has always been a primary focus for SABIC, and we will continue to develop tailored products and solutions through collaboration to drive sustainable growth and create value for our key stakeholders.”

The wide range of products being exhibited at the SABIC booth cover specialized solutions across various industries including flexible and rigid packaging, automotive, renewable energy, building & construction, healthcare, electrical & electronics, consumer goods and etc. Through these innovative technologies, SABIC is committed to offering customized materials and solutions to our customers across the various industries we serve.

The highlighted solution from SABIC will include FORTIFYTM POE and PP backsheet for solar modules that will support the booming PV market in China. SABIC’s collaboration with Microsoft to introduce Microsoft’s Surface ThunderboltTM4 Dock, which contains approximately 20% recycled ocean bound plastic (OBP) from SABIC’s TRUCIRCLETM portfolio, will close the loop of recycling and support the sustainable transition of the economy. In cosmetic packaging, recyclable PPc has been developed as a new packaging solution to solve the health concerns and meet the urgent demands of the high-end market. Based on BLUEHEROTM initiative, SABIC invented small-scale EV battery enclosure with a protective seal, improving its performance in fire-retardancy and weight reduction, thereby to increase EV’s range and efficiency.

With years of participation in CHINAPLAS, SABIC has consistently showcased its long-term commitment to its customers and partners in China while using the platform to brings its advanced products and solutions to the market. Alongside CHINAPLAS, SABIC is taking advantage of many emerging opportunities to amplify its presence in the Chinese market. Looking ahead, SABIC will continue to seize opportunities in China and accelerate sustainable growth by leading change through innovation and collaboration.

SABIC Polymers and Sales and Market Solutions Vice President Hosam Abdullah Al-Zamil; SABIC Polymers Executive Vice President Sami Al-Osaimi; SABIC Polymers and Sales and Market Solutions Greater China Sales Director CJ Chen celebrated the opening ceremony of SABIC’s CHINAPLAS booth