Clariant to present innovations in sustainability and performance at the American Coatings Show 2024

30 April 2024

Clariant, a sustainability-focused specialty chemicals company, is excited to bring the company’s latest innovations to customers at the American Coatings Show 2024. Expert representatives will be spotlighting a variety of innovations to improve performance and reduce environmental footprints through bio-based ingredients, as well as opportunities for collaboration with Clariant specialists.

“Clariant is committed to helping the industry transition away from fossil carbon materials towards greener carbon alternatives,” commented Sebastian Prock, Head of Marketing & Application Development, Industrial Applications, Business Unit Care Chemicals. “The VITA portfolio offers 100% bio-based products and Clariant also has a new portfolio of additives to simplify the formulation of high-performance water-based coatings for industrial applications.”

The VITA product line offers fully segregated, 100% plant-based products, including polyglycols and ethylene oxide derivatives for use in paint and coatings production. Derived from bioethanol, these products are chemically equivalent to fossil-based analogs and show the same performance and efficiency, while significantly lowering carbon footprints compared to traditional materials.

In addition, Clariant offers natural-origin wax products with at least 98% bio-based renewable content. These enhance coating aesthetics, durability, and manufacturing processes. Certified biomass balance-based TERRA options allow sustainable substitutions without compromising performance.

To help customers in the industrial coatings industry transition from solvent- to water-based formulations, Clariant has also developed a new portfolio of wetting and dispersing agents that produce low-viscous formulations while enhancing corrosion resistance and adhesion of the resulting coating. Clariant’s team of experts are at customers’ service to assist in the formulation and development of coatings to protect and enhance surfaces in varied industrial settings, such as shipping containers, trains, steel bridges, and construction equipment.

“We’re also delighted to introduce the newest addition to Clariant’s portfolio of light and heat stabilizers for SMP sealants: AddWorks IBC 760,” commented Ray Gonzales, Head of Marketing Coatings & Adhesives, Business Unit Adsorbents and Additives. “This technology surpasses the performance of current benzotriazole-containing solutions in the market, and it offers improved protection against UV and thermal degradation.”

Omya and Clariant have been jointly granted a European Patent for the AddWorks IBC 760 technology, an innovative label-free light and heat stabilizer solution for SMP sealants. This product offers improved processing and handling properties, while reducing the cracking and yellowing that typically occurs during exposure to strong sunlight or high temperature conditions. AddWorks IBC 760 is furthermore a safe and effective solution that meets the high standards of customers and the industry.

In addition, Clariant’s “Industrial Applications Innovation Center” in Charlotte, NC is ready to collaborate with coatings manufacturers to jointly tackle technical challenges and compliance requirements. The state-of-the-art lab facilities feature specialized equipment including a spray booth, weathering chambers, and measurement instrumentation to test and optimize customer formulations. Experts at the center also support compliance testing for sustainability standards and emerging regulations.

Meet Clariant’s experts at Booth 2846 to learn more about opportunities to collaborate and enhance customer success with innovative high-performing products and solutions that align with the evolving market demand. Product presentations will be at the following times: