Coveris Joins Plastics Recyclers Europe To Support No Waste Sustainability Strategy

11 December 2023

Plastics Recyclers Europe is an organisation that promotes the circularity of plastic and production of high-quality material from plastic waste, perfectly aligning with our No Waste sustainability strategy and ReCover recycling mission.

With the launch of ReCover and the opening of two dedicated recycling facilities, we are already making waves in our No Waste sustainability journey, and joining Plastics Recyclers Europe allows us to partner with major players in the plastic recycling industry across Europe.

Philipp Niehues, ReCover Business Development Director, explains why joining Plastics Recyclers Europe is an important step in our No Waste journey: “Membership of PRE enables us to partner with other businesses in the recycling industry, participate in working groups that contribute to sustainable change, and network with organisations that support our No Waste vision. I have already attended the annual Plastic Recyclers Europe Summit and look forward to raising awareness of what we are achieving with ReCover and Coveris’ packaging innovation using recycled plastic.”

Coveris is already a member of many industry organisations such as Flexible Packaging Europe, British Plastics Federation, BPIF Cartons and RECOUP, where we contribute to the shaping of packaging and supply chain sectors, now and in the future.

Learn more about Plastics Recyclers Europe here.