Craemer Announces New TC3-5 PalgripĀ® Plastic Pallet

17 September 2021

Craemer Group, one of the premier providers of plastic pallets, storage and transport containers, announces its official release of the TC3-5 Palgrip, the completely closed plastic pallet with a fully anti-slip coated top deck that puts safety and hygiene at the forefront.

Made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic, the TC3-5 Palgrip is perfect for hygienic-first operations since both the top and bottom decks are completely closed. The construction is free from cavities or ribs, ensuring reliable protection from contamination or water ingress. With patented welding, it also offers the highest impact resistance, breaking strength, and solid wall thickness among other pallets on the market.

“COVID-19 has proven the need to keep hygiene and safety a top priority within workforces,” said Axel Breitkreuz, President of Craemer US Corporation. “We’re proud of what our TC3-5 Palgrip plastic pallet offers. It’s safe to use, easy to clean, and all runners have chamfered edges on both sides for rigorous use within today’s fast-moving warehouses.”

Popular in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries, the newest addition to the TC family now comes with Craemer’s patented Palgrip® for added safety enchantments. It’s resistant to cold and heat between -22° F (-30° C) and 104° F (40° C) and offers absolute slip resistance – even when wet or in high humidity conditions, making it especially fitting for dairy and oil & gas.

With only 52 lb (23.5 kg), the TC3-5 Palgrip® boasts load capacities of 16,500 lb (7,500 kg) for static loads, 3,300 lb (1,500 kg) for dynamic loads, and 2,800 lb (1,250 kg) in racking systems. The pallet is also available with integrated RFID transponders and can be used with roller conveyors and automated high rack systems. The racking capacity can be boosted up to 4,400 lb (2,000 kg) by adding 5 optional steel reinforcement rods.

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