Custom Cones USA Debuts Fully Automated Infused Pre-Roll Machine

13 October 2021

Custom Cones USA launched the latest breakthrough in the pre-roll sector of the cannabis industry with the development of the first and only machine that automatically produces infused pre-rolls. Capable of accurately infusing a pre-roll every 4.5 seconds, this automated pre-roll machine can infuse up to 800 pre-rolls per hour. What was once a laborious and inaccurate process is now fully automated and 100% compliant in all medical and recreational cannabis markets. If you need to see it to believe it, Custom Cones USA will be displaying this breakthrough technology through 10/20 - 10/22 at the MJBizCon show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Infused pre-rolls are one of the fast growing product types in the cannabis industry, growing from 12.7% of the total pre-roll market sales in 2018 to over 30.9% of the pre-roll market in 2021 according to Headset. Until now, the only way to make an infused pre-roll was with a lot of labor by hand-applying the concentrate to the pre-roll. This outdated process is not only very costly, but inaccurate when it comes to product weight and compliance.

"Pre-roll manufacturers typically paint a thin layer of oil on the outside of a finished pre-roll and then roll it in kief," says Harrison Bard, co-founder of Custom Cones USA. "It is impossible to ensure the same amount of oil is being applied to each pre-roll, thus you can run into serious compliance issues, not to mention costly product wastage"

Built from the ground up to work with all types of cannabis oil and tested within a California-based cannabis processing facility, this automated solution for infused pre-rolls not only cuts cost and increases accuracy, but it also produces a higher quality infused pre-roll. Compared to most infused pre-rolls, which have the oil infused on the outside of the paper, Custom Cones USA's automated infused pre-roll machine injects a carefully controlled rod of cannabis oil directly in the middle of the pre-roll. The user is able to program the exact length of the rod of oil, as well as the exact positioning within the pre-roll. For example, the user can set the automated pre-roll machine to dose out a 30mm rod of cannabis oil that starts exactly 20mm up from the filter tip.

"By having the rod of cannabis oil in the middle of the pre-roll, you avoid it coming in direct contact with the flame source or burning ember. As the pre-roll is lit, the heat passes through the joint and starts to vaporize the rod of oil before the burning end of the joint even reaches it. This creates a smoother, less harsh smoking experience."

The automated infused pre-roll machine works by taking finished pre-rolls and then injecting the rod of oil into them, so you will still need a machine or process to make the filled pre-rolls. Custom Cones USA offers multiple pre-roll machines, from the typical knockbox style pre-roll machines to a range of fully automated pre-roll machines.

For more information about the Automated Infused Pre-Roll Machine, click here.

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