Earthfirst® Films Redefines Home Compostable Films with New Soft Touch Options

31 May 2023

Industry leading biopolymer film manufacturer Earthfirst® Films releases a line of soft touch, home compostable films. Strong side seals, which exceed the seal strength of traditional polyethylene-based materials, are an inherent film property. Film performance and tactile properties are ideal for e commerce mailing envelopes, high-end retail bags, air pillow protection, refrigerated gel packs, produce labels and any other application where home compostability or seal integrity are functional requirements.

Films are made from a unique biopolymer blend of TUV NF T51-800 compliant materials and the company is applying for home compostable certification. With a new carbon content of at least 30%1, films are Greenhouse Gas (GHG) favorable to industry fossil-fuel based alternates and naturally lower a product's carbon footprint. This 4000 film series is available in white matte, white gloss and clear matte options.

'We're collaborating with consumer and industrial companies on a wide range of applications. Combined strength and tactile feel create a depth of potential applications. Importantly, home compostability provides greater end of life (EOL) accessibility for companies where sustainability is important to their business and to their consumers,' cites Edward Tweed, Research & Development Director.

Earthfirst® Films are DIN CERTCO certified for Industrial Compostability and TUV Austria Certified for Home Compostability. All Earthfirst Films are FDA compliant for food contact.

1Percentages are subject to change with any biopolymer formulation changes for film properties

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Earthfirst® Biopolymer Films by PSI - Americas| Earthfirst Biopolymer Films by Sidaplax - EMEA

Earthfirst® Biopolymer Films is a global manufacturer of biopolymer EarthFirst® compostable films within consumers packaged goods (CPG) and industrial market segments. Offices in Columbus, Ohio (PSI) and Ghent, Belgium (Sidaplax V.O.F.) serve 50 countries in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Sidaplax V.O.F. is a subsidiary of PSI. For more information, contact [email protected]