Extreme E partners with Polymateria to fight global plastic pollution

19 March 2021

Extreme E, the new electric car racing series with an ecological conscience, partners with Polymateria and its revolutionary technology which aims to fight against global plastic pollution. Both organizations are making the announcement on World Recycling Day.

It is estimated that 32% of all plastic packaging used globally is not recycled or disposed of properly, and that a staggering 80 percent of plastic found in the oceans comes from this unmanaged waste on land. . Polymateria has created the world's first plastic with time-controlled outdoor biodegradability, which will quickly and safely return to nature if it ends up in the natural environment, while allowing recycling. Left unchecked, four billion tonnes of plastic pollution will enter our soils and oceans by 2050 under a business-as-usual scenario. It is obvious that more innovation is needed to solve this problem.

Extreme E and its racing teams will use Polymateria's Biotransformation technology during its X Prix events around the world, including cups, a range of food packaging solutions and even fully biodegradable face masks in the future. Materials used on site will be collected for recycling, most of which will be processed for secondary applications.

Alejandro Agag, CEO of Extreme E, said: “We are delighted to partner with Polymateria to increase awareness of solutions to plastic pollution globally, while reducing our own environmental footprint. "

“The scientific approach taken provides a unique opportunity to see its technology in action at major racing venues, illustrating both the global problem and the application of a credible solution. This is yet another example of Extreme E adopting the latest and greatest global innovations to address important environmental issues. "

Biotransformation technology is a whole new approach to ensure that plastic that has escaped waste streams can fully biodegrade in the natural environment, while still allowing the normal recycling process to take place. Polymateria scientists have created a formulation for plastics that allows the material to return to nature in six to twelve months, depending on use, a time compared to the thousands of years required for common single-use plastics. to decompose.

Niall Dunne, CEO of Polymateria, said: “It is truly exciting to work with Extreme E, who share our passion to stem plastic pollution. "

“Plastic pollution is a major global environmental crisis and more innovation and collaboration is needed if we are to seriously address this problem. Polymateria's Biotransformation technology uniquely combines recycling and biodegradability, merging mechanical and natural cycles to create a true circular economy. Our priority is to recycle materials, but we must also ensure that they do not cause ecological damage if they end up in the natural environment. "

“Together with Extreme E, we're bringing peer-reviewed science to life, so people can see what's possible and have their voices heard in demanding better innovation, real change and an end to the plastics crisis. fugitives. "

A certain amount of the materials used at some race venues will be placed in an on-site 'living lab' to demonstrate to a global audience the Biotransformation technology in action. This living lab will be filmed over time, an analysis of the Biotransformation process will be carried out by leading independent scientists to show the potential of this technology to fight plastic pollution on a global scale.

Starting with Saudi Arabia on April 3, 2021, Extreme E will compete electric SUVs in extreme environments across the world that have already suffered damage or been affected by climatic and environmental issues.

Comprised of five races, the global route highlights the impact of climate change and human influences in some of the world's most remote places, and promotes the adoption of electric vehicles and clean energy solutions in the search for a less carbon future.

Please visit the Extreme E press center to access images, videos and press releases: https://www.extreme-e.com/en/mediacentre


About Polymateria

Polymateria's mission is to advance science in order to help nature cope with the plastic pollution crisis. Originating from Imperial College London, where it is now based, Polymateria is the first company in the world to scientifically prove that it is possible to take the most probable sources of fugitive or discarded plastic and return them to nature without create microplastics, without harming the natural environment and without interfering with the recycling chain.

In February 2021, Polymateria demonstrated a world first by creating a polyethylene film that is both recyclable and biodegradable in an open environment. The announcement was made by Imperial College London and the topic was covered by the British newspaper Daily Telegraph .

The new British Standards Institution (BSI) PAS 9017 ensures that claims of biodegradability in an open environment can be duly verified for the first time against independent pass / fail criteria. Polymateria's standard and technology was recently featured in National Geographic magazine: https://www.nationalgeographic.co.uk/environment-and-conservation/2020/11/new-self-destructing-plastic-has-helped -define-a-new-british

In 2020, Puma became the first international brand to incorporate Polymateria technology into its shopping bags: https://www.polymateria.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/10663-STim_Polymateria_26072020-A.pdf

Polymateria has also partnered with the international chemicals giant Clariant (now Avient) to bring the technology to Southeast Asia: https://www.clariant.com/en/Corporate/News/2019/ 10 / Clariant-and-Polymateria-launch-partnership-to-bring-new-Biotransformation-technology-to-market-in-S

Pour Les Femmes, the ethical brand founded by actress / activist Robin Wright and designer Karen Fowler, is the first clothing brand to introduce Polymateria technology into its packaging: https://pourlesfemmes.com/blogs/blog

The company is proud to be a founding signatory of Terra Carta (Earth Charter) HRH the Prince of Wales, created as part of the initiative for sustainable markets.

About Extreme E:

Extreme E is a radical new racing series, which will see electric SUVs compete in extreme environments across the world that have already suffered damage or been affected by climatic and environmental issues. Composed of five races, the global route highlights the impact of climate change and human influences in some of the most remote places in the world, and promotes the adoption of electric vehicles in the search for a lower carbon future for the planet.

To minimize the impact at the local level, the Extreme E races will not be open to spectators, fans will instead be invited to follow the action via live television broadcast and on social media.

The St. Helena, a former cargo-passenger ship, has undergone a multi-million euro refit to minimize emissions and make it the center of operations for Extreme E. The ship will be used to transport Championship freight and infrastructure, including vehicles, to the nearest port, thereby minimizing the impact of Extreme E; it will also be used to facilitate scientific research thanks to its on-board laboratory.

Season 1 schedule:

Desert X Price: Al-Ula, Saudi Arabia

3-4 April 2021

Ocean X Prix: Lac Rose, Senegal

May 29-30, 2021

Arctic X Price: Kangerlussuaq, Greenland

August 28-29, 2021

Amazon X Price: Pará, Brazil

23-24 October 2021

Glacier X Prix: Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

December 11-12, 2021

About the Enel Foundation: founding scientific partner

The Enel Foundation is a non-profit organization focused on the crucial role of clean energy in ensuring a sustainable future for all. By developing partnerships with eminent experts and institutions around the world, the Enel Foundation carries out, drawing on the vast knowledge of its founders, research to study the implications of global challenges in the field of energy and proposes educational programs benefiting talent in the scientific, business and institutional sectors.

About Continental Tires: Founding Partner and Official Tire Partner

Continental develops innovative technologies and services for the sustainable and connected mobility of people and their goods. Founded in 1871, the technology company offers safe, efficient, smart and affordable solutions for vehicles, machines, traffic and transportation. In 2019, Continental achieved sales of € 44.5 billion and currently employs over 230,000 people in 59 countries and markets.

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About CBMM: founding supplier

CBMM is the world's largest supplier of niobium products and related technologies. The company is headquartered in Brazil and has offices and subsidiaries in China, the Netherlands, Singapore, Switzerland and the United States. CBMM offers technical innovation to its customers around the world through a team of more than 2,000 dedicated, highly skilled professionals who provide advanced niobium products, and technologies related to this metal, to more than 400 customers in around 40 countries.

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About Neat Burger: Official Partner for Plant-Based Products

Neat Burger is the catalyst for the change in plant-based, planet-friendly, flavorful foods the world has been waiting for. The world's first sustainable plant-based burger chain, Neat Burger offers a menu that appeals not only to those following plant-based diets, but also to all other individuals, even meat eaters, who wish to consume delicious non-meat dishes. that are more sustainable, healthier and more ethical. The brand enjoys the support of Lewis Hamilton, who has won the FIA Formula 1 worls Championship seven times, in collaboration with hotel organization The Cream Group and investors, as well as Tommaso Chiabra, UNICEF ambassador who was one of the first to support Beyond Meat.

Neat Burger opened its first location in September 2019, just off Regent Street in London, and its second and third restaurants at Camden Market in Soho in 2020. Plans for global expansion in Europe, the United States and the Middle -Orient are already in place for 2021 and beyond.

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