Fiber Industries Announces the Establishment of Darlington Green, South Carolina’s Sustainability Hub for the Textiles and Packaging Industry Anchored by Darling Fibers

12 July 2023

Fiber Industries, the largest domestic producer of high-quality polyester staple fiber, today announced the establishment of Darlington Green, a sustainability hub for textiles and packaging manufacturing and related research, development, and innovation. The company also announced that it has rebranded as Darling Fibers, reflecting its industry leadership in sustainability efforts and support for the local community. Darling Fibers will anchor the Darlington Green hub.

“We are aligning our brand and purpose with our potential,” said Don Bockoven, CEO of Darling Fibers. “Our goal is to build on our rich heritage as an organization by fostering innovation and spurring productivity while preserving and enhancing the environment. We envision accelerating the growth and resilience of America’s textiles and packaging industries through collaboration and partnership.”

Establishing Darlington Green

To chart a clear path for Darlington Green, Darling Fibers is reimagining its 765-acre campus as a hub for textiles and packaging innovation. As part of that process, Darling Fibers will take a lead role in forming an Advisory Board comprised of community and industry stakeholders, to establish a definitive mission and vision for the sustainability hub. Once operational, Darlington Green will bring together and leverage the power of textiles and packaging manufacturers, state and local governments, academic research institutions, technologists, entrepreneurs, and other interested parties to reinvigorate and advance sustainability efforts.

“Darlington Green is in active discussions with partners to co-locate manufacturing and pilot new products and emerging recycling technologies, harness our collective expertise and revitalize the U.S. polyester and plastic industry,” said George Bandy, Jr., Chief Sustainability Officer of Darling Fibers.

Rebranding to Darling Fibers

According to Bockoven, since restarting the former Wellman business in 2020, the company has retooled long-dormant manufacturing lines, reestablished industry relationships, and refined its strategy for high-quality low-carbon product development.

Today, Darling Fibers’ one-million-square-foot, state-of-the-art polyester manufacturing facility can process a range of raw materials through finished goods. While currently serving customers with existing inventory, Darling Fibers has been actively engaging new customers to further scale its production of polyester fiber and chip.

“More than 380 million tons of plastic waste was generated in the world last year and only 10 percent of that plastic was recycled, with the rest incinerated, landfilled or dumped in our oceans,” Mr. Bandy added. “We see Darling Fibers and Darlington Green as being at the forefront of finding solutions and capitalizing on opportunities presented by these profound challenges.”

About Darling Fibers

Darling Fibers (formerly Fiber Industries) is the largest domestic producer of high-quality polyester staple fiber for the fabric, garment, and fashion industry, with one million square feet of manufacturing capability across 12 lines on its 765-acre campus in Darlington. The company returned manufacturing to the U.S. through a restarting in 2020 and aims to be a pioneering force in the textiles and plastics industry through its commitment to sustainability, innovation, and community. Learn more:

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