Greenbutts & Boegli Announce New Technology Improving Biodegradable Filters

29 November 2022

Greenbutts, a science-driven leader in biodegradable filter technology, announces a jointly patent-protected new technology with world-renowned Boegli Gravures S.A.

The newly filed intellectual property, trademarked as "Greenbossing", comes at a critical moment to accelerate the transition from cellulose acetate to Greenbutts' embossed substrate, which is certified 100% biodegradable and water dispersing.

The "Greenbossing" innovation will enhance and tailor the existing filtration capabilities along with the sensorial experience, positioning Greenbutts' & Boegli's patented substrate technology far ahead of its competitors by establishing a new gold standard for cigarette filters.
This newly developed and patent pending technology will noticeably and technically differentiate Greenbutts' premium biodegradable filters from other alternatives.
Greenbutts' fully patented biodegradable filter is a one-of-a-kind solution that addresses the major pain-point that multinational producers suffer from: the need for an alternative filter without compromising sensory, taste, or consumer experience. The Company's trademarked Greenbutts delivers a similar sensorial experience of traditional cigarette filters without the plastic waste left behind, offering a viable alternative to plastic filters while meeting the new SUP legislation initiatives.

Charles Boegli, CEO and Chairman of the Board, has the pleasure to announce: "For decades, our company has placed itself on the cutting edge of new technological solutions in the field of macro, micro, and nano embossing solutions called 'Vividus', 'Midas' and 'Iris'. We are very proud to partner with Greenbutts to join our competences and address the huge ecological needs arising in the field of filter manufacturing, to which Greenbossing will be the answer."

 Luis Sanches, Chief Strategy Officer of Greenbutts, said, "Our organization has cultivated a strong partnership with the world-renowned embossing technology company Boegli and is pleased to announce the patent filing of our joint technology. This new IP will revolutionize the process of Greenbutts' filter rod manufacturing.  Greenbossing is a truly innovative feature which will strengthen our position by introducing the next generation of biodegradable filters for the tobacco industry.

Tadas Lisauskas, CEO of Greenbutts was quoted as saying, "We are very proud to have Boegli Gravures as a solid and reliable partner.  The embossing technology that we jointly developed is nothing short of revolutionary and we look forward to introducing even further technological advances in the coming months. As the cigarette industry is faced with transformative changes, driven by single-use plastic legislation, and stronger commitments to their environmental agendas, we will ensure that Greenbutts continues to offer industry-leading innovations to maintain our leadership status in assisting with this transition."

On Behalf of the Board,

Tadas Lisauskas
CEO, Director, and Chairman of the Board

For further information or media inquiries:
Tadas Lisauskas
CEO of Greenbutts
[email protected]
415 Laurel Street suite 430, San Diego, CA 92101 USA
(858) 353-0304

About Boegli
Established in 1955, Swiss-based and family-owned, Boegli Gravures designs, develops and manufactures state of the art patented embossing tools and solutions for diverse industries. Setting standards and developing engineering solutions that contribute to a recognized unique embossing results constitute the DNA of the company.

About Greenbutts
Since 2010, Greenbutts has worked with R&D institutions, multinational tobacco companies, and industry experts to develop a natural filter technology, capable of replacing the most littered plastic in the world, cigarette filters. Driven by the new single-use plastic (SUP) legislation enforced by governments, the Company is actively engaged in the global commercialization of its proprietary, plastic-free and trademarked material technology, Greenbutts, fulfilling the global industry demand for biodegradable filters. The sustainable design of the Company's technology includes an all-natural, rapidly-degrading cigarette filter using a proprietary blend of food grade fibers. The unique blend of materials is designed to allow for a similar customer sensory experience and filter manufacturing process as acetate filters and provides a seamless transition away from plastic filters for the global tobacco industry. Greenbutts filters will disperse in water within a few minutes and will degrade in compost within days, as opposed to 10-15 years as is the case with traditional cellulose acetate filters. Greenbutts' natural filter technology is fully patented in the U.S., U.K., Canada and is patent pending in additional countries, covering key geographies in the cigarette industry.