Happy Vibes Introduces Unique Long Life Disposable Vaping Product To Market

8 December 2022

Happy Vibes, a UK-based company, is introducing a new high-quality vape product it calls TWIST. As a leader in vaping innovations, Happy Vibes looks to fill a gap in the market with its new product.

The TWIST is the first device of its kind that offers a legal way to meet customers' needs. It's designed with four different pods, accommodating up to four different flavors from the 20 the company provides to the vaping community. Set to launch November 25th across the UK.Vapers just need to "twist" the top of the device to swap out the flavors. It's a novel concept – use a single flavor or multiple flavors in the same device. No need for tools, no need to pour and make a mess – it's twist and go! It's easy and convenient to use, allowing vapers to enjoy their device without the pain of having to open the device and fill up a tank.

Happy Vibes Marketing Manager Harry Williams said many innovations are happening behind the scenes, he can't wait to share the new line-up with the public, as many of the products are currently in the final testing stage, trying to bring environmentally conscious vaping to the public.

Happy Vibes also offers a unique recycling program for its disposable devices. According to market research, this aspect will be very popular in the next few months. People have become environmentally conscious and wonder what happens to their disposable devices when they are done with them. The company says its recycling program uses the slogan "the end is just the beginning".

Happy Vibes will follow up with another "step in the right direction" with the launch of their "Reuse" device, a vape product that is made from straw and biodegradable plastic, as well as including a Type C charging port, a product that aims to push the boundaries on environmentally positive products.

The TWIST will be available on November 25th. Check out HappyVibesVape.com to learn more about the TWIST or any of the company's other products.