INEOS partners with Forever Plast to recycle over 6.5 billion bottle caps back into high quality caps

15 February 2020

INEOS Olefins & Polymers has today announced a partnership with Forever Plast SpA, a leading polymer recycling technologies operator in Italy. Together they have developed a range of new Polyethylene grades that mirror INEOS virgin grades and perfectly fit injection moulding and compression moulding machines.

The new Recycl-IN products take Post Consumer Recyclate (PCR) from used bottle caps and carefully blend them with highly engineered virgin polymer to create new high-quality caps.

Over the next five years an incredible 6.5 billion bottle caps will be diverted from the waste stream to be recycled.

As part of its ongoing drive to support a more circular economy and significantly increase plastics recycling, INEOS is expanding its range of Recycl-IN polymers into the Polyethylene non-food caps market.

Iain Hogan, CEO INEOS Olefins and Polymers said “For a while PET bottles have been increasingly recycled but this is one of the first circular developments to tackle the caps. This is a major step forward. We are creating a truly circular approach to ensure used bottle caps are recycled and returned to the market as new highly engineered high-quality caps, rather than being thrown away or wasted.”

This development is part of INEOS’s ongoing research and development program to move to a more circular approach to plastic production to support customers globally.

Iain Hogan CEO INEOS Olefins & Polymers South said: “We are not just waiting for things to happen we are making things happen. Recycling 6.5 billion caps from bottles is an incredible achievement. We are providing real commercial solutions today for our customers, moving to a more circular approach to plastics, giving waste plastic a value and preventing it from ending up in the environment. Our people are passionate about tackling this issue.”

Note to Editors

As part of its commitment to a New Circular Economy, INEOS has set itself four ambitious targets to meet by 2025:

Our Pledge:

Offer a range of polyolefin products for packaging applications in Europe containing 50% or more recycled content
Use, on average, 30% recycled content in products destined for polystyrene packaging in Europe
Incorporate at least 325kt/a of recycled material into products
Ensure 100% of polymer products can be recycled

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