Ingevity Capa® thermoplastic technology earns Biodegradable Products Institute compostable certification

12 May 2023

Ingevity Corporation today announced its Capa® thermoplastic grades are now certified compostable by the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI), the only third-party verification of ASTM International (formerly known as American Society for Testing and Materials International) standards for compostable products in North America. BPI certified compostable certification confirms Capa thermoplastics can be aerobically composted in municipal or industrial facilities and the compost can be cycled back into the soil, leaving behind no toxic residue or microplastics.

The BPI certified compostable mark indicates the end-of-life opportunity for a compostable product and enables industrial facilities to identify and trust certified products will break down per the ASTM D6400 standard that requires both disintegration and biodegradation within 180 days – and require the final product leave behind no toxic byproducts to harm the surrounding ecosystem. When tested, Ingevity’s Capa products exceeded the ASTM standard by biodegrading in 84 days with no residuals left behind that exert a negative effect.

“Achieving BPI certification validates that Ingevity’s Capa portfolio meets United States standards for biodegradability capabilities and provides new opportunities for Capa products in the North American market,” said Steve Hulme, senior vice president and president, Advanced Polymer Technologies. “As a company committed to supporting the global imperative to advance sustainable development, we are excited to expand opportunities for our customers across continents to transition to more sustainable packaging that reduces environmental impact.”

ASTM standard D6400 is the United States equivalent to European standard EN 13432 certified by TÜV Austria. Ingevity’s Capa bioplastics have received additional certifications verifying the environmental benefits of Capa bioplastics, including Seedling, GreenPla (Japan), and TÜV Austria certifications for OK compost HOME, OK compost INDUSTRIAL and OK biodegradable MARINE. Learn more about Ingevity’s bioplastic offerings on the company’s website.

Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI)

The Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) is North America’s leading certifier of compostable products and packaging. The organization is science-driven and supports a shift to the circular economy by promoting the production, use and appropriate end of lives for materials and products designed to fully biodegrade in specific biologically active environments. BPI’s certification program operates in conjunction with education and advocacy efforts designed to support the broader mission to keep food scraps and other organics out of landfills.

Ingevity: Purify, Protect and Enhance

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