Intertape Polymer Group Inc. Making Inroads Into the United Kingdom

11 May 2022

Intertape Polymer Group Inc., announces the opening of its newest facility in Widnes, United Kingdom ("UK"). The facility will be fully operational in the second quarter of 2022. This facility will service the growing need for sustainable packaging solutions in the region with a focus on the production and distribution of IPG’s Curby Mailer™.

“Growing our global footprint with the addition of the Widnes manufacturing facility positions IPG to service the e-fulfillment market with sustainable packaging products in the UK market. This state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is a great addition to the existing IPG suite of high performing facilities and sets the stage for IPG’s growing presence in the European market,” states Zach Kissel, VP of Global E-Fulfillment for IPG.

The Curby Mailer is a tri-laminated mailer employing a patented production process that allows for the mailer to use a paper honeycomb structure, encapsulated between an inner and outer layer of paper, to form a padded mailer. "This unique production methodology delivers cushioning performance from edge-to-edge and seam-to-seam, making the Curby Mailer the most effective form of sustainable replacement of bubble cushioning in the market," explained Kissel. Visit this link to learn more about the Curby Mailer -

IPG’s Widnes manufacturing facility plans to install new Curby® production lines to meet the needs of its customers in the market. As the business grows, the manufacturing facility will also serve as a distribution hub for the complete Curby line of sustainable packaging products to support the growing e-fulfillment market in the UK and Europe. In addition to the Curby Mailer, the complete Curby line includes IPG’s water-activated tape, also known as gum tape, paper void fill solutions, and paper fragile wrapping solutions. IPG also intends to house machines designed to dispense its suite of sustainable packaging solutions and will serve as a service hub for its field service technicians in the UK.

Intertape Polymer Group Inc. is a recognized leader in the development, manufacture and sale of a variety of paper and film based pressure-sensitive and water-activated tapes, stretch and shrink films, protective packaging, woven and non-woven products and packaging machinery for industrial and retail use. Headquartered in Montreal, Québec and Sarasota, Florida, IPG employs approximately 4,200 employees with operations in 34 locations, including 22 manufacturing facilities in North America, five in Asia and two in Europe. For information about the Company, visit

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