Jamestown Plastics Launches Clamtainerâ„¢: Durable Frustration-Free Packaging for All Industries

6 October 2021

Jamestown Plastics, a custom manufacturer of thermoformed products in the packaging industry for more than 60 years, created Clamtainer™, a durable and sustainable alternative to traditional clamshell packaging that can be incorporated into manufacturers’ frustration-free packaging programs.

Clamtainer utilizes Click-It™ Closure technology that provides exceptional security with a one-snap closing system that can be opened with just one hand– yet it stays completely secure in tests such as a penny pitch and wrench toss. It is the only clamshell packaging that doesn’t require scissors, knives, or strength to open, making it both frustration-free and accessible for seniors, people with arthritis, and others with mobility challenges. While Click-It Closure technology is extremely easy for adults to open, it is unique in that it can’t be solved by kids, making it a choice for brands that need Certified Child Resistant Packaging.

Clamtainer boasts financial and sustainable benefits when compared to traditional clamshell packaging. It has significant pack-out cost advantages to product manufacturers because it takes less time to load and close a Clamtainer.

“Clamtainer doesn’t require welding, heat sealing, or equipment and tooling to buy and maintain,” says Jay Baker, CEO of Jamestown Plastics. “This is not only attractive to a manufacturer’s bottom line but by reducing the amount of time needed to pack-out products, it is a more efficient method that is especially helpful to companies facing labor shortages and budgetary constraints.”

Clamtainer uses less material than traditional clamshell packaging which takes up less space in trucks and distribution centers and reduces shipping costs due to reduced dimensional weight.

Clamtainer can be made from various materials including rPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate) —a combination of industrial and reclaimed plastic, making it a sustainable packaging option. Because many consumers also reuse the Clamtainer, it doesn’t end up in the recycling loop.

“We share concerns about excess packing and applaud efforts to make packaging frustration-free,” says Baker. “I welcome the opportunity to talk with you on how Clamtainer can become an important part of your frustration-free packaging. Whether you’re interested in becoming more sustainable or want to find ways to save money and become more efficient, I believe Clamtainer can help.”

For more information on Clamtainer and inquiries visit www.clamtainerpackaging.com.

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