JAWS® Refillable Cleaning System Using Safer Ingredients to Eliminate Grime

23 February 2022

The Just Add Water™ System is an effective eco-friendly household cleaning system designed to reduce single-use plastic bottles, and provide safer, more effective cleaning solutions. JAWS® starts with a refillable spray bottle and a childproof cartridge of concentrated cleaning solution. Fill the JAWS bottle with water to the fill line, drop a cartridge into the neck of the bottle, and twist on the sprayer to release the concentrate.

The JAWS® lineup of household cleaning solutions includes six EPA Safer Choice Certified formulas including JAWS Glass Cleaner, Daily Shower, Kitchen Cleaner, Floor Cleaner, Granite Cleaner, and Foaming Bathroom Cleaner. JAWS also offers a Multi-Purpose Cleaner and a one-stop Disinfectant Cleaner that kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria.  

Committed to sustainability and safer solutions, JAWS® EPA Safer Choice Certified products contain safe chemicals that provide equal or better cleaning performance than leading household cleaners. Many household cleaners, including those labeled as "all-natural," may contain harmful chemicals, fragrances, and essential oils that can harm the surfaces in your home.  

Essential oils, when used according to directions, may have a medicinal value, but when contained in household cleaners, they can be harmful. The unregulated inhalation of essential oils found in household cleaners can lead to a poisonous reaction if absorbed through the skin or swallowed, according to the National Capital Poison Center located in Washington, D.C. Children with immature livers and thinner skin are more susceptible to the poisonous effect of unregulated aspiration of essential oils. Additionally, essential oils can leave streaking, hazy residue, and possibly damage household surfaces. 

According to the American Lung Association, most cleaning products release volatile organic compounds (VOC) which contribute to chronic respiratory problems and other chronic health conditions. JAWS® low VOC products contain no harsh solvents. All Solvents used are present on the Cleangredients List and/or are Safer Choice approved.

A recent fad in household cleaning uses electrified salt water which claims to mimic the disinfecting power of ocean water. Continued use of electrified salt water in cleaning can damage wood surfaces, along with corroding aluminum, steel, and metal appliances.

Saltwater cleaning solutions that come in contact with electrical devices, outlets, and circuits can severely corrode the surface protection. The saltwater corrosion can cause faulty connections, shorts, and fire hazards. 

JAWS® is committed to providing household cleaning products made with safer ingredients. The innovative JAWS® cleaning solution is the safer alternative to tackling a variety of dirt, grime, and messes throughout the home safely and effectively. It reduces single-use plastic bottles while protecting your home from harmful cleaning chemicals found in most cleaning products. 

About: A company committed to protecting the environment - JAWS® is a patented, innovative non-toxic cleaning system designed to reduce the environmental impact of packaging in conventional spray-cleaning products, conserving the resources required to produce and ship them, while trimming end-use plastic disposal. A Founding Principal of the Company is Stop Shipping Water. Contact: Sabrena Gartlnd - [email protected]