Kraton Introduces Nexarâ„¢ Anti-fog Coatings And Films To Revolutionize Protective Eyewear Market

9 October 2023

Kraton Corporation, a leading global sustainable producer of specialty polymers and high-value biobased products derived from pine wood pulping co-products, is proud to introduce Nexar Anti-Fog coatings and films, a solution designed to address persistent fogging issues experienced by healthcare professionals when using personal protection equipment (PPE) such as face shields and eye protection.

Through extensive research and innovation, Kraton has developed Nexar Anti-Fog coatings and films, offering a cutting-edge solution to the fogging problems commonly associated with certain PPE. Traditional face shields and goggles are prone to fogging, causing discomfort, and hindering clear vision during critical procedures. Nexar Anti-Fog technology helps provide healthcare workers with a superior solution that allows for prolonged, fog-free eyewear, ensuring uncompromised visibility. 

"As a company committed to the well-being of healthcare workers and patients, Kraton understands the importance of clear vision in delivering exceptional care," said Jeff Mathers, General Manager at Kraton. "We are proud to introduce Nexar Anti-Fog coatings and films, which address the daily challenges healthcare professionals face. Our advanced technology enables healthcare workers to work comfortably with prolonged vision clarity, making their daily tasks safer and more efficient." 

Nexar Anti-Fog coatings and films incorporate highly advanced technology that sets a new standard for protective eyewear. The solution combines Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic segments to effectively remove moisture that causes fogging while providing exceptional strength and flexibility as a coating or a film. The specialized nanochannels integrated into the coating and film surfaces can swiftly capture and absorb moisture upon contact, leaving no time for fog to form. Remarkably, the Nexar technology can absorb over 200% of its weight in water, surpassing conventional technologies like Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA), which typically absorb less than 45% of its weight. Additionally, Kraton's commitment to safety is evident in the absence of per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) -- "forever" chemicals found in many antifog options, providing the industry with an environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative. 

Recent surveys and studies have highlighted fogging as the primary concern expressed by healthcare workers regarding face shields and goggles. In a comprehensive survey conducted with over 1,600 healthcare professionals, fogging was identified as a significant barrier to comfort and the use of proper PPE. The same survey revealed fogging eyewear prompted individuals to touch their faces more frequently, compromising safety protocols.1 Additionally, a blinded study by researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital concluded that Nexar-coated protective eyewear greatly improved providers' visualization due to its antifogging properties. The Nexar-coated eyewear was perceived to have significantly reduced potential negative care impacts and improved user experiences for providers wearing a protective face mask.2 

Kraton's Nexar Anti-Fog coatings and films represent a significant leap forward in protective eyewear anti-fogging capabilities. The revolutionary technology provides healthcare professionals with a reliable, high-performance solution, offering prolonged crystal-clear vision and enabling worker safety. 

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