Kuraray Publishes the Kuraray Report 2024

1 June 2024

This year’s report focuses on the progress of the medium-term management plan “PASSION 2026,” which started in fiscal 2022. “PASSION 2026” is a plan to realize the long-term vision “Kuraray Vision 2026” and our Sustainability Long-Term Vision. In “PASSION 2026,” the Kuraray Group has identified “Our Challenges,” three initiatives aimed at achieving sustainable growth that the report introduces along with messages from and interviews with top management and key persons involved in each initiative. In addition, this year’s report provides readers with easy-to-understand explanations of Kuraray’s ROIC management and its initiatives aimed at building a more sophisticated business portfolio as well as those aimed at strengthening capital. Moreover, this report includes a special feature showcasing ambitions of, and efforts undertaken by, individual employees, including potential next-generation leaders, who represent a diverse range of the global workforce. Specifically, the report describes challenges they are currently taking on to realize their own visions for the future of Kuraray.

Sustainability Section of Kuraray’s Corporate Website
The sustainability section of Kuraray’s corporate website features detailed sustainability-related information about initiatives, activities and their results for fiscal 2023 not fully covered in the report. The site uses responsive web design, making it easy to view on smartphones and tablets.
   In addition, the sustainability section reports are created in line with the GRI Standards, international guidelines for sustainability reports.