Lingrove To Open New And Expanded Green Manufacturing Plant In Bid To Increase Production Sustainably

4 August 2023

Lingrove, a start-up materials technology innovator and the makers of ekoa®, is pleased to announce the opening of a new green manufacturing plant in San Rafael, California, as the company seeks to expand its manufacturing and production footprint in the most sustainable manner possible.

The new facility is more than double the size of Lingrove's existing offices, and will be exclusively dedicated to producing ekoa®, the company's signature product. Lingrove's goal with the 14,181 square-foot plant is to scale a sustainable manufacturing process which transforms rapidly renewable plants into high-performance products. This cutting-edge production technology capitalizes on high-performance yet environmentally healthy practices, which ultimately aim to replace carcinogenic, carbon-intensive interior products. The output is ekoa®, which is made from renewable flax fibers that sequester 1.4 tons of CO2 for every ton of fiber. The plant opening will also double the start-up's team size and create new jobs.

With significantly more than a million dollars in assets invested into the new plant, not including build-out costs, the expansion marks a turning point for the company. The plant will aid Lingrove to deliver to full-scale production and sell ekoa® nationally. Made from carbon negative plant fibers and bio-resins, ekoa® is extremely sustainable, clean (with a Clean Air Gold health certificate), and can deliver LEED points.

Lingrove, which is backed by Diamond Edge Ventures (the venture arm of Mitsubishi Chemical Group), SOSV/Indiebio, Mayfield, and SeaX Ventures, works with several major automotive OEMs, architectural firms, and industrial players to build sustainable interiors.

Joe Luttwak, CEO of Lingrove, adds: "Demand for reinventing interiors with truly sustainable, clean-air, non-carcinogenic biomaterials is off the charts. We're excited to scale production to meet that need and happy that we'll bring jobs to the Northern California economy."

Lingrove will retain its current office spaces and convert its existing manufacturing facilities at this location into additional creative and working spaces.

ekoa® by Lingrove is an elegant and Earth-friendly eco-veneer solution to replace laminates and veneers with a luxury, sustainable option. Its rich, natural grain finishes add timeless style to walls, entrances, ceilings, and all cabinetry and millwork. The benefits are more than skin deep with lighter-than-carbon fibers of superlative strength and damping properties. For the first time, composites enter the realm of designer materials with an authentic natural grain look made from long flax fibers.

About Lingrove
Lingrove is on a mission to help reverse climate change by replacing carbon-intensive materials in the built environment. Our high-performance composite, ekoa®, can substitute for wood, plastics, and metals in all interior applications – from walls and ceilings, to millwork and furniture, to floors and even auto interiors – with a cost-effective, carbon-neutral, clean chemistry product that delivers a higher strength-to-weight ratio than steel. For further information, please visit or contact us at [email protected].