Lukoil’s Communication Projects Receive High Awards

7 December 2023

LUKOIL's Telegram channel received award as the best in digital/social media category for its original ProRun online project, which included photo and video reports, broadcasts from marathons, guessing games, and giveaways. The jury praised the media coverage received by the livestreams of the semi-marathon that LUKOIL organized in Kogalym. Thanks to this new format, the subscribers could follow the run online and watch live commentary by Olympic champions and professional sportsmen.

The marathon was a part of LUKOIL's complex Kogalym Is a Centre of Economic Growth project. The latter was named the best corporate infrastructure initiative and received the ESG Grand Prix. The jury noted that, thanks to the Company's support, unique facilities that have no parallel in the Russian North were constructed there. Among them are a branch of the State Academic Maly Theatre, the Galaktika sports and culture centre with an aquarium, a cultural and exhibition centre of the Russian Museum, and a branch of Perm Polytech University.

LUKOIL Group 2022 Sustainability Report was named the best non-financial report. The Eventiada 2023 jury highly praised the integration of economic, environmental and social goals and objectives into the corporate decision-making system.