NGA Plastic Technology India – NPE premiere in Hall E, Booth W7261 – 2 lines in live operation:

10 May 2024

For the first time, NGA Plastic Technology from India presents itself at the NPE – and that with two lines in live operation at the booth! On the one hand, the brand-new blown film line EASY LINE MAX – which, furthermore, will be introduced to the international audience during the exhibition for the first time. On the other hand, the company will show the EASY LINE pressure filter test – also in live-operation.

New & live! EASY LINE MAX blown film line – compact, easy to handle, perfect for extremely thin, even films

„At the NPE exhibition booth, we bring our latest product, the MAX blown film line, in front of the curtain and present the line in live operation to the international market for the first time!“ says Rajnissh Sood Country Manager NGA Plastic Technology Private Limited.
The EASY LINE MAX line is used for the production of blown films made of all standard, non- corrosive, customary polymers and includes an E25 x 30D extruder or an E30 x 30 D extruder, a mono blown film head and the blown film line BL 400. „The blown film head with optimized melt flow and a cooling ring with adjustable gap guarantees an extremely thin, even blown film“, explains Sood.

Like all other EASY LINE machines, the MAX blown film unit is very compact, convinces with an ergonomic design and is easy to handle.

Live! EASY LINE pressure filter test – practical table-top machine for film inspection during operation without extruder stop

The second EASY LINE line in live-operation at the NPE exhibition booth is a pressure filter test for film inspection – concrete: pigment or additive dispersion resp. inspection of determinations in new and recycled polymers. One of the advantages of this compact table-top machine is the fact, that the extruder needs not to be stopped during the measuring process. A melt pump guarantees a constant melt flow.

First NPE appearance of the entire NGA Group
„We are very happy, that NGA India shows its portfolio under the brand COLLIN Asia during the NPE for the first time“, say DI Dr. Friedrich Kastner and Corné Verstraten, majority owners of the NGA Group.

"India is the fastest growing market for polymer industry, especially regarding masterbatch, compounding, blown and cast film production. It is a fact, that local plastic processing companies upgrade their production infrastructure with technologies, which correspond to the global standards. Therefore, in India, the group is represented with an own company – with NGA Plastic Technology Private Limited.“
EASY LINE portfolio – table-top machines from presses and extruders to pressure filter tests EASY LINE table-top machines are designed as series 1 of the brand COLLIN Asia for the processing of polymers, for apprenticeship, research and development and include presses, extruders, compounders, blown as well as flat film lines, roll mills and pressure filter tests.

The main aim of the company NGA India is to provide growing markets with test and R&D lines in laboratory scale, which are easy to handle – based on proven COLLIN technology, manufactured in India under the brand "COLLIN Asia". The foundation of the Indian subsidiary is a perfect mixture of German and Indian know-how in mechanical engineering to offer affordable technology. In other words, EASY LINE machines are manufactured in India and the support is also provided via the Indian NGA Plastic Technology.

NGA Next Generation Analytics GROUP OF COMPANIES:

NGA Plastic Technology Private LTD in India
Sales & service of the product line EASYLINE of the brand COLLIN Asia

NGA Next Generation Analytics
NGA (Grieskirchen/AT) focuses on the development of testing devices as well as lines for the plastic industry.

COLLIN Lab & Pilot Solutions
COLLIN (Maitenbeth/D) develops intelligent pilot and laboratory lines in modular system for the plastic processing industry, universities as well as research institutes.

NGA Plastic Technology Asia PTE. LTD in Singapore
Sales & service of the product line EASYLINE of the brand COLLIN Asia

NGA Plastic Technology Inc. in the USA
Sales & service of the brands COLLIN Lab & Pilot Solutions, BritAS as well as COMELT

BritAS Recycling-Anlagen GmbH
BritAS (Hanau/D) develops and manufactures lines for the filtration of plastic waste and machines for quality control of plastic products.

COMELT Collin Melt Solutions GmbH
COMELT is contract manufacturer in the field of mechanical production such as lathing, milling, eroding, and grinding and specialist for the manufacture of extrusion dies.