Ocean Recovery Group Becomes First U.S. Company to Achieve All Three ZPO Ocean-Bound Plastic Certifications

4 May 2022

Ocean Recovery Group (ORG), a Florida based social-business enterprise that leverages over 100 years of recycling-industry experience to better collect, clean and recycle ocean-bound plastics has become the first United States-headquartered company to achieve Zero Plastic Oceans’ distinguished Ocean-Bound Plastic Certifications for collection, recycling and neutralization.

“The Ocean-Bound Plastic Certification from Zero Plastic Oceans signals to our partners and stakeholders that our efforts to reduce ocean-bound plastics are certified, audited and sustainable,” said Ocean Recovery Group President, Zachary Kirstein. “We are proud to bring recycling infrastructure to the Dominican Republic, a country currently only recycling 8% of its waste.”

Ocean Recovery Group’s La Vega, Dominican Republic, facility boasts state-of-the-art processing equipment including a 2-ram Max Pack Baler, 7 Vertical Balers and 2 complete plastics lines including a friction washer, shredders, sink tanks, steamers and pelletizers. The facility, which began processing in February 2022, also separates and bales PET, HDPE (natural and color), PP and LDPE plastics as well as cardboard and paper-grade recyclables. In 2022, Ocean Recovery Group’s integrated-recycling operation goal is to collect, recycle and neutralize 12,000 Tons of ocean-bound plastic.

“Control Union is proud to have served as certification body to Ocean Recovery Group in their Ocean Bound Plastic journey,” said Gabriela Santos, Program Coordinator at Control Union. “Besides their important recycling activities in the Dominican Republic – Control Union appreciates how Ocean Recovery Group has remained readily available and transparent during the full certification process.”

The Ocean-Bound Plastic (OBP) Certification is designed to encourage the removal of Ocean Bound Plastic from the environment by adding value to effectively collecting and treating it to prevent it from reaching the ocean. To achieve the certification, applicable organizations must first prove: OBP plastic waste is collected adequately and ethically; OBP plastic waste is well managed once collected; commercially recyclable OBP waste is traceable until the final product; and, non-commercially recyclable OBP waste is correctly handled, and are thoroughly verified and traceable. In addition, OBP-certified organizations guarantee the respect of social criteria, including a commitment to no child labor, safe working conditions and fair wages for recycling collectors.

“Zero Plastic Oceans welcomes the certification of Ocean Recovery Group to the Ocean Bound Plastic standards for the collection, recycling and neutrality value chains,” said Vincent Decap, Co-Founder of Zero Plastic Oceans. “By choosing to certify these value chains, ORG will bring a concrete solution to the Dominican Republic for both commercially recyclable and no value plastic at the same time, ensuring a cleaner environment and enhanced social benefits to the waste picking communities.”

About Ocean Recovery Group

Ocean Recovery Group is working to solve the planet’s ocean-bound plastic crisis in the Western Hemisphere. Our extensive knowledge across the recycling and packaging industries, paired with our commitment towards greater good, enables Ocean Recovery Group to effectively and efficiently divert large and scalable amounts of ocean-bound plastics to help CPG retailers achieve their plastic neutrality goals.

About Zero Plastic Oceans

Created in 2019, Zero Plastic Oceans is a non-governmental organization (NGO) dedicated to addressing plastic pollution issues. The organization was born from the observation that most plastic waste ending up in the ocean comes from abandoned plastic waste, the so-called “Ocean Bound Plastic” (OBP). ZPO has set the Ocean Bound Plastic certifications as a mean to incentives the collection of OBP for its recycling or proper disposal.

Kate Raley McIlroy
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Source: businesswire.com