Polygiene Freshness Solutions Nominated as Finalists for the SOFHT Awards

9 November 2023

SOFHT shortlisted Polygiene based on the role our Freshness technologies play in food and hygiene workwear. Integrating a combination of Polygiene StayFresh™ and Polygiene OdorCrunch™ technologies into workwear empowers manufacturers, enabling them to create products that last longer and remain odor-free.

Made for hygiene-critical environments
Polygiene technologies excel in hygiene-critical environments where preventing the spread of bacteria and other potentially harmful microorganisms is essential. Consequently, they are in high demand amongst organizations in the food industry that want to protect their workwear between washes and during storage and transportation.

At the same time, Polygiene StayFresh and Polygiene OdorCrunch technologies eliminate unpleasant smells. They keep workwear fresher and smell-free for longer, reducing the frequency with which it needs washing. Fewer washes mean employees save time and money and consume less water and energy.The result is more environmentally friendly workwear that benefits from excellent odor-control, enhanced hygiene performance and greater longevity.

How does the Polygiene StayFresh and OdorCrunch combination work?
While both Polygiene StayFresh and Polygiene OdorCrunch are standalone products that manufacturers can use individually, they also complement each other and work exceptionally well in combination. This is due to the different ways in which they tackle bad odors and keep textiles smelling fresh.

Polygiene StayFresh utilizes silver ion technology to prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria. It does so by disrupting the cell wall, inhibiting enzyme production and interrupting DNA and cell replication. On the other hand, Polygiene OdorCrunch uses natural silica particles to capture, absorb and “crunch” the molecules responsible for bad odors, permanently eliminating the smell at the source.

Together, these technologies are unstoppable. And that’s one of the reasons why SOFHT has deemed them worthy of a place on the Best New Product or Service shortlist.

Eagerly awaiting the award results
The Polygiene team is extremely proud that our products are being recognized by such an established and highly-regarded organization. We cannot wait for SOFHT to announce the final results. The award will be presented on the 16th of November at the 44th SOFHT Annual Lecture & Lunch in London and we will update all Polygiene followers on the outcome. Many thanks to SOFHT and see you at the awards ceremony!