PolyJoule Repurposes PVC for Batteries

15 June 2023

PolyJoule, Inc., a manufacturer of conductive polymer energy storage, has developed a new process that transforms PVC (polyvinyl chloride) into PolyJoule’s patent-protected conductive polymers for use in batteries.

PVC is one of the top five most common plastics worldwide and is used in everything from window frames and doors to piping and packaging. Recent market reports indicate global production capacity exceeds 40 million metric tons per year, with over 10% installed in the United States alone.

“We see this as a major push in the broader sustainable initiatives taking place across the chemical and energy industries: how do we upcycle and how can we catalyze legacy supply chains into new, meaningful ones where the value is aligned with the consumer?” noted Dr. Eli Paster, CEO and Co-Founder of PolyJoule.

While most conventional battery metals like lithium and nickel are geographically supply-chain constrained, PVC is a commodity produced, used, and recycled on every continent. Using a small percentage of global PVC production capacity, PolyJoule estimates it could serve half of the 2027 projected annual stationary storage demand.

“This recent development is a major step towards PolyJoule’s targeted cell production cost of $65/kWh,” he continued, “and we’re working to make the process compatible with both recycled and repurposed PVC.”

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About: PolyJoule is a Boston-based, MIT spinoff, energy storage company pioneering conductive polymer battery technology. PolyJoule is focused on delivering ultra-safe, sustainable, long-life, low-cost batteries for stationary storage applications.

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Source: businesswire.com