Prudent American Technologies Announces Pauldron Recoil Reduction System for Reducing AR and Rifle Recoil Up to 85%

15 July 2021

Prudent American Technologies, a premier USA-based contract manufacturer of highly engineered plastics and precision machined products, is pleased to introduce the Pauldron Recoil Reduction System at the NSSF Range Retailer Business Expo (West Palm Beach, FL). The Pauldron is a ground-breaking family of AR Buffers and Stock Inserts that absorb the majority of recoil, enabling hunters, competitive shooters, and soldiers to perform without shoulder pain.

Co-developed with Knight Technical Solutions (Madison, AL), the patented Pauldron utilizes innovative spring technology to convert recoil into heat energy and actively dissipate both primary and secondary recoil. Two-thirds of the felt recoil is absorbed when the springs open and two-thirds of the remaining energy is absorbed when the spring closes. Recoil is reduced by up to 85%, depending on weapon and caliber configuration. Pre-assembled spring stacks are optimized for weapon classes, which are then put into a form factor that fits the weapon of choice, including AR’s and hollow butt rifles.

“The Pauldron Recoil Reduction System offers shooters a powerful, modern solution for their recoil protection needs,” said Kevin Hambrice, VP Sales and Marketing at Prudent American Technologies. “Recoil pads and muzzle brakes claim recoil reduction but fail to measure up when properly tested. The Pauldron reduces recoil up to 85%, making a shotgun loaded with buck shot feel like a .308, a Remington 700 loaded with a 300 Win Mag feel like a sub .308, and an AR-10 with a .308 feel like an AR-15. This means a shooter will experience better posture and faster sighting because their body no longer feels or anticipates the massive recoil.”

Testing and validation data is available at

Pauldron AR Buffers are designed as drop-in replacements for standard AR-10 buffers in carbine and rifle lengths, with pre-assembled spring stacks optimized for .270, .308, 30-06, and large caliber weapons.

Pauldron Stock Inserts are a drop-in for hollow butt rifles. They are optimized for the most popular calibers, ranging from .308 and its family of ammunition to a shotgun variant.


Pauldron AR Buffers and Stock Inserts are available for purchase at and at select ranges and retailers.

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