RadiciGroup at forefront in automotive and transportation sectors in Mexico

6 November 2023

The Automotive, Electrical/Electronics and Appliances sectors are Radici Plastics Mexico’s three main target markets. The company, which is part of the RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers global production network, has been operating in the country since 2015 and is a partner to many major local customers, as well as to American, European and Chinese businesses who have localised production in Mexico.

Radici Plastics Mexico will be attending Plastimagen (Stand 761), the leading trade fair for the domestic market and, more broadly, for all of North America. At the event, it will present its range of high-tech solutions, as well as solutions perfectly suited to sustainability projects requiring optimal technical and environmental performance.
 “We’re very focused on expanding the flame-retardant range, which is aimed at the e-mobility and E/E markets in particular. The majority of components for these sectors are produced in Mexico – much more so than in the USA and Canada,” emphasised Adolfo Gandarillas, Mexico Country Manager at RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers. “Thanks to the constant exchange of expertise and experience between local R&D teams and our central organisation, we can satisfy even the most demanding requirements, providing certified products that, for example, meet the UL94 standard. At the same time, partly driven by European and American customers, interest towards sustainable products is growing: we’re already working on many projects where Renycle® delivers formulations that can meet technical and environmental requirements without sacrificing quality, reliability, traceability or safety,” continued Gandarillas.

Renycle® is a range of special engineering polymers with a much lower environmental impact than virgin material, calculated for each formulation. There are currently more than 40 grades available with variable percentages (from 10 to 100%) of post-industrial and post-consumer recycled polyamide. Other formulations will be implemented on the basis of customers’ requirements in relation to technical performance (mechanical, chemical, extended exposure to high temperatures, etc.) and environmental performance (LCA – Life Cycle Assessment ).

“The automotive sector is Radici Plastics Mexico’s main market and we are also seeing rapid growth in the related transportation market. We plan to boost our presence in the E/E and household appliances sectors, which have significant volumes in Mexico,” confirmed Edi Degasperi, Country Manager, North America, at RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers. “This is also due to the availability of a modern production site, which we moved to around two years ago. The plant’s flexibility helps us in terms of delivery times, the speed with which we can provide technical support and developing tailor-made products for the local market. In fact, we’ve doubled our production capacity, enabling us to satisfy all our customers’ requirements. We hope to continue growing in the future – if so, the current site’s layout can easily be adapted to rapidly and effectively support the growth of an extremely dynamic market,” Degasperi concluded .

The automotive world is also the target for “RadiciGroup AutoInsight”, the innovative digital tool to discover the Group’s materials and drive the future of mobility. This new, intuitive and effective tool provides users with a clear and straightforward 3D map of the main applications in which RadiciGroup’s engineering polymers, yarns, fibres and nonwovens can be used in the automotive sector, focusing particularly on e-mobility applications.