Renegade Plastics closes pre-Seed investment led by Schneider Resources Holding.

10 May 2024

Renegade Plastics®, a leader in making coated fabrics more sustainable, is excited to announce closing a pre-Seed investment led by Schneider Resources Holding. The investment will help expand Renegade's team and accelerate growth into new markets that are eager for a non-toxic and more sustainable alternative to vinyl-coated industrial fabrics.

Established in 2021, Renegade Plastics® is addressing the plastic problem by building a circular economy for coated fabrics, based on a proprietary polypropylene-based coated fabric that is non-toxic and able to be recycled, while lower carbon and lighter weight than the vinyl-coated fabrics that currently dominate the industry.

"Renegade is leading the coated fabric industry in a more sustainable direction," said Renegade CEO Tony Ehrbar. "As awareness of the environmental and health problems associated with vinyl, PFAS, and phthalates increase, users of coated fabrics are increasingly looking for a non-toxic and more sustainable alternative. Renegade not only provides the fabric solution that customers are looking for, but also works with customers to ensure that their products do not end up in the landfill."

About Schneider Resources
Schneider Resources Holding (SRH) is a family-owned private investment company headquartered in Green Bay, Wisconsin. SRH brings not only financial and human resources but also a bigger vision to grow companies. With a focus on patient, generational investments, SRH partners with privately owned businesses in Wisconsin and the upper Midwest, leveraging its expertise and extensive manufacturing, distribution, packaging, and agriculture network to facilitate growth and fulfill the entrepreneurial vision. Committed to innovation, customer service, collaboration, and employee welfare, SRH empowers businesses to make meaningful contributions to their industries while fostering sustainable growth. Learn more at

About Renegade Plastics®

Renegade Plastics® provides plastic-coated fabric solutions that are free from phthalates, dioxins, PFAS, VOCs and heavy metals for numerous industries from logistics and upholstery to tents and sports equipment. Renegade's sustainable solutions improve the environment with their lower carbon footprint and by establishing a circular economy for coated textiles. Renegade won the 2022 CleanTech Open, and has been recognized by the World Economic Forum and the textile industry as a pioneer in textile sustainability.