Seventh Generation Commits to Discontinuing Large Format Liquid Laundry Bottles by 2030

2 November 2022

With an intent to transform the antiquated laundry detergent aisle and reduce emissions as well as plastic and water waste, leading household products company and green products pioneer Seventh Generation announced today a commitment to phase out all large format liquid laundry detergent bottles from its product lineup by 2030 and transition all laundry products to concentrated formats.
"When you walk down the laundry detergent aisle it's evident that it's riddled with unnecessary plastic and very much in need of disruption," said Alison Whritenour, Chief Executive Officer, Seventh Generation. "We're focused on our concentration transformation, prioritizing concentrated formats like our EasyDose laundry detergent that delivers the same performance while living up to Seventh Generation's commitment to reduce impact and put less plastic into the world. We cannot continue to rely on large-format plastic containers and the industry as a whole must do better."

The United Nations Environment Program recently found that only 9% of plastic is recycled. While the industry is leveraging strategies to reduce environmental impact including increasing recyclable and reusable packaging, supporting recycling infrastructure and circularity, and using less virgin plastic in packaging – all steps in the right direction to tackle the plastic problem – companies need to address the issue at the source.

"Focusing on concentration and eliminating large jugs and diluted laundry formulas is not only a win for the environment but also a win for the consumer," said John Moorhead, Chief Marketing Officer, Seventh Generation. "We continually hear that consumers love the experience of our EasyDose laundry detergent – less plastic, less bulk, less mess and extra convenient to use."  

"Collectively as an industry, we sell more than 680 million bottles of liquid laundry detergent to wash over 40 billion loads. If we could concentrate all of those to a 4x formulation– which is very much possible – we could divert over 2 billion pounds of excess materials waste each year," Moorhead continued. "We at Seventh Generation are working to get there, but we can't do it alone. CPG companies across categories have the opportunity to drive real impact to benefit the planet for generations to come."

Not only will this commitment help Seventh Generation reach its aggressive goals in plastic and emissions reduction, but it will also provide a better, more convenient consumer experience. Seventh Generation's EasyDose™ Ultra Concentrated Laundry Detergent offers a powerful ultra-concentrated formula in a compact 23 fl oz bottle – a fourth the size of large-format packaging. The concentrated product is easy to grab and store and, with its EasyDose™ Auto-Dosing Technology, offers consumers 66 loads of clean laundry, measuring the right amount of detergent every time. Seventh Generation's EasyDose™ bottle is also made with 100% post-consumer recycled plastic.

A shift to concentration in the laundry aisle doesn't only mean ease of use for consumers but allows for more room on shelves for retailers. In addition to changing consumer behavior, there is an opportunity for businesses to work alongside retailers to rethink the laundry aisle together and prioritize more concentrated formats.

This commitment is one of many steps Seventh Generation is taking as the company looks to the future of the green category to ensure the industry at large is making necessary strides to ensure a safe, healthy people and planet.

About Seventh Generation
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