[SKinno Tech] Plastic Recycling

5 December 2023

Aiming to be a global leading Green Energy & Materials Company, SK Innovation and all affiliates are taking “Carbon to Green” strategies with innovative solutions that can bring clean energy to the world and build a sustainable world for our future.

Through SKinno Tech Series, we will provide a comprehensive introduction from the basics of SK Innovation and affiliates’ businesses to in-depth explanations of our products and technologies, including those of our affiliates. The series starts with a few episodes discussing the latest advancements in secondary cell technology and battery materials, which are critical to build a sustainable future for everyone.

In this post, the focus shifts to plastic recycling, a pivotal element in constructing a circular economy. Addressing the challenge of plastic waste treatment, the transition from traditional mechanical recycling technology to various advanced recycling technologies is highlighted, allowing for more substantial waste recycling.