SNF Continues Investment in the USA to Meet Polyacrylamide (PAM) Demand

11 February 2021

SNF will invest $300 Million in the USA in 2021-2022 for an additional 30,000 MT/yr. of powder-grade PAM and 100,000 MT of Acrylamide production at our facility in Plaquemine, Louisiana.  The previously announced $1.2 Billion investment to expand Polyacrylamide (PAM) production worldwide is in the final stages of completion. This has resulted in additional capacity in all key product areas and logistics for SNF's USA operations.

SNF USA has completed emulsion-grade expansion capable of delivering 1 million MT/yr. of emulsions to the market.  Also, SNF has improved our capabilities to provide last-mile logistics to all the major Oil & Gas basins, including two new facilities in Odessa and San Antonio, Texas, and a 500+ rail car fleet.

In Mississippi, SNF has commissioned a new production line to produce SAS/MAS, an essential product for Oil & Gas scale control, and completed the expansion of PolyDADMAC and Polyamine capacities.

In 2021, SNF will complete the construction of a new 50,000 MT/yr. ADAME monomer plant in Georgia, a new 30,000 MT/yr. powder PAM line in Louisiana, and 7 powder PAM grinders.  The infrastructure for the new $300 Million investment for powder PAM and Acrylamide will begin in 2021, with completion in late 2022.

SNF is committed to the USA's continued investment to keep pace with the growing demand for polyacrylamide, supporting the primary markets of Municipal & Industrial Water Treatment, Oil & Gas, Mining & Construction, Paper, Agriculture, and Personal & Home Care.

About SNF

SNF is a specialty chemical group whose products contribute to treating, recycling, preserving water, saving energy, and reducing carbon footprint.  A pioneer in soft chemistry, SNF has long been present on all continents, employing 6,500 people, including 1,800 in the USA.  Innovation and movement towards a cleaner, less carbon-intensive world are great accelerators of SNF's growth.

With turnover of $3.5 Billion in 2019, SNF is the world's leading manufacturer of water-soluble polymers and associated monomers.  SNF has major production sites in the USA (Riceboro, GA; Plaquemine, LA; Pearlington, MS); Europe (France, UK); and Asia (China, India, Korea), with many smaller plants located throughout the world.

If you would like more information on this topic, please contact John Pittman, President, SNF Holding Company, at 912-884-3366 or [email protected]